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"The Wrong Move:" is it superficial or deep?, 14 September 2003


Author: Carl S Lau from Los Angeles, California"The Wrong Move" is essentially a plotless film that follows a late twenty-ish year old, blond German writer-to-be for six days. He is someone who is in search of something. The film is in German with English subtitles and is unusual in that there are occasional first person voice over/commentaries by the principal character by which we know exactly what he is thinking. The film is set in the early 70's with a short audio track of American rock that dates the movie. Through his first person commentary, the writer freely admits that he is not very good at observing people nor does he like people, which leads one to wonder what kind of writer is he? Because "The Wrong Move" is a Wim Wender's film, one inevitably notices the carefully composed shots with meticulous attention to detail. This brief odyssey is a more sophisticated version of candid camera in which the confused writer encounters a handful of people. The film, then, is about his interactions with these people. These characters appear randomly, interact, and disperse. This is probably Nastassja Kinski's first film. If not, then the likelihood of ever watching whatever proceeded "The Wrong Move" is close to zero. Long out of print, "The Wrong Move" is only available on scarce, hard to find VHS tape that can be exorbitant in cost. The film was low budget and has attained near cult following among some. Nastassja was a whole thirteen years old when "The Wrong Move" was filmed. This was the first of three films that she has made with Wim Wenders with the other two being: the legendary 1984 "Paris, Texas" and the powerful 1993 "Faraway, So Close." In "The Wrong Move," Nastassja is cast as a mute - meaning that she doesn't speak, has no lines of dialog, and doesn't use anything resembling sign language. Her on screen presence is then all facial expression and body language. In some scenes she looks like a scruffy, scrawny twenty year old. Other times, she has the face of a twelve year old. Sometimes she is a well made up teenager. Sometimes not. But there are always the tennis shoes and the way that she walks that underscores that she is a very young adolescent girl. In the hands of Wim Wenders, her performance is fluid and natural. She and her much older male companion/guardian make their living with Nastassja as a street performer - one that is not highly skilled and in some respects awkward. That has to do more with her young age, rather than a lack of physical skills. Nastassja is a juggler and not a very good one as she usually drops one of the balls. One time she stands on her head, another time she does cart wheels. Eight years later in "Exposed" this gymnastic talent would be on full display in a very sexy, solo performance in front of an all seeing mirror. There is one particular memorable scene in which the writer and the band of strangers are walking through a neighborhood street, observing the interchanges between residents on the roof top of the buildings. The timing is exquisite, the look on Nastassja's face is memorable - but that is Wim Wenders and is an indication of the potential first rate talent in this thirteen year old girl. It is no accident that Nastassja is in so many scenes and some of those appearances are very brief. Even in nothing scenes in which she is not doing anything out of the ordinary, Nastassja is focused - not sleeping or bored. Peter Sykes, the director of "To the Devil...a Daughter," would later see "The Wrong Move," remember her, and later on in need of a young German actress would hire Nastassja. It is all to easy to see "The Wrong Move" as a very superficial movie. Even the translation of the title presents a problem. Should it be "Wrong Movement?" "False Movement?" "wrong" and "false" imply that there is a "right" move or that one has strayed from the "right" path and is in search of it. Is there a "right" path? Is there a "wrong" path? What is the path? Does it make a difference? These are the types of questions that go to the core of the human experience. There is depth here, but only for those who can "see" into it. 請讀過的人跟我說這個人對這部片的評價是不是正面的?我沒要求翻譯喔我只是想知道別人喜不喜歡這部片而已所以沒有違規請勿檢舉...

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    這篇心得報告對這部電影的評價是正面的嗎?是正面的寫作者認為雖然這部電影表面上看是 plotless 情節空洞, superficial 膚淺的, 但真正懂的電影的人, 是會欣賞的

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