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    1. A dolphin-shaped windchime with metallic chimers.2. Tinkling. 風鈴聲The tinkling of the windchime in a breeze. 微風中的風鈴聲The windchime tinkles when played by the wind. 風鈴在風吹過時發出聲響When there is a breeze, the windchime makes a tinkling noise. 當微風輕起﹐風鈴就會發出聲響3. The soft tinkling of the windchime flows through my ears into my head whenever a breeze caresses my cheeks.4. I keep it close by at night.I keep it right by me at night.5. I’ve a cousin that moved to Hong Kong to get married.6. The first time I met my brother-in-law-to-be was two years ago on my birthday.(brother-in-law-to-be 是準姊夫﹐準表姊夫是 cousin-in-law-to-be)7. My cousin and her then-fiancée came to visit me on their way to Hong Kong.8. I think of them every time the dolphin windchime tinkles.9. ring 是電話﹑電鈴那種鈴聲﹐風鈴這種細細碎碎的鈴聲是 tinkle/tinkling~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edit:6. 用 then-brother-in-law-to-be 或 then-cousin-in-law-to-be 較好﹐因為那個人當初是你的准(表)姐夫﹐但現在已經是正式的(表)姐夫了﹐then- 表示那是他“當時”的身份。或者妳也可以不必這麼饒舌﹐直接說“我第一次見到我的(表)姐夫時”"The first time I met my cousin/brother-in-law" 就可以了。~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edit:Modified #3.

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    1.How to describe an aeolian bell. The form is that a dolphin is hanging a lot of rectangular bars of iron (knock into and have that kind of sound each other) 2. How to narrate >>Is it blow in to act as. The aeolian bell sounds 3. How to translate >>When the wind has brushed my cheek, the soft tinkle of bells has spread 4 into brain through ears. I put it at one's side every night 5. I have a form elder sister who moves to Hong Kong because of getting married 6. I see the elder sister of my allowing for the first time is several days before my birthday 2 years ago 7. The elder sister of my form and he allow husbands to visit on the way when go to Hong Kong 8. Every ¨çMy his door of miss when I hear the tinkle of bells of dolphin's aeolian bell once 9. Does the sound of the bell have other statements besides ring?

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