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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


1. till 跟 untill有什麼不同呢???

2. as是什麼用法呢???當的意思嘛??還有

3. 我也是 me too....那為什麼有些人會用also...有什麼不同嘛??



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    1. till vs until


    (a) 表示某個事情發生,直到某個時候結束。

    (1) I work until three.

    (2) You can stay till three if you like.

    (b) 某事直到某時刻才發生。(常用在否定句中)

    (1) The movie won't start until eight o'clock.

    (2) She won't come till eight.


    till 會常常跟在 from 的後面,而until沒有。

    ex: I worked from seven till five every day.

    2. as的用法:

    (a) 指某人或某事物的身份、被人認為某人或某事物具有的身份或者他們的功用。

    (1) He was regarded as a hero.

    (2) He used the shirt as a rag to clean the shelves.

    (3) He worked as a reporter on the local paper.

    (b) 指某人在過去的時間做過某事(尤其是指孩童時期或青少年時期)

    ex: She could remember all the names of the animals that she saw as a child.


    ex: The sea is as smooth as glass.

    I can run as fast as he can.

    3. 也是的用法。表達「也是」的詞有三個:also, too, as well。只是這三個口語化的程度不一樣和在句子中的位置擺放也不同,但是他們的意思是相同的。(但是都只能用在肯定句裡喔!)

    also:比較正式,放在主要動詞之前,be 動詞和助動詞之後。

    ex: I've met Jane and I've also met her mother.

    He speaks French and he also writes it.

    She was rich. She was also selfish.

    too和as well較為通俗,通常放在句尾:

    ex: I've read the book and I've seen the movie too(或是as well).

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