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    Today I'm going to tell you my personal experience that happened during the summer vacation of my fourth grade. My math grades were not great, mom asked my teacher to give me some extra lessons and my teacher agreed, he asked mom to take me to school on the next morning. When I arrived at school on the next morning, there were hardly anyone at school since summer vacation was on. I forgot to ask my teacher for a meeting place so I went straight to his office. On the corner of the hall to his office, I heard him/her calling me and asked me to follow him/her; within a few seconds, He/she walked out of his/her office and asked me where I was going, I turned to my teacher's voice straight away. When I looked back, the person who called me has disappeared. I thought to myself: "That's not right, it's a bit supernatural." Till this day I still couldn't believe that was merely my imagination.

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  • 我今天要說的就是我親身的經驗.

    What I like to talk about today is my own experience.


    During the summer vacation of my 4th grade of primary school,


    Due to my poor math and bad grade, Thus, my mother contact teacher and he agree to

    Assist me to improve my math.


    He told my mother to bring me to school next day so he can help me improve

    隔天一早. 我到學校時.因為當時是暑假.學校沒有什麼人.我也沒和老師


    Next day, when I arrive at school, because it was still summer vacation, not too many people around. since I did not tell the teacher where to meet him. I walk to  

    The corner of the corridor that lead to the teacher’s office


    Suddenly, the teacher call me and wave at me. He want me walk to opposite direction, after I walk for couple seconds,


    The teacher shown up in the office and ask me ”Where are you going?” I turn my head right the way then turn back again, the person who called me is not there any more.


    I have been wondering! This is not possible, it sound supernatural, I can not believe till now that it really happen and not my imagination.

    補充 : 中文原文, 寫的不是很通順, 翻譯英文時, 還須要稍為改一下意思,

    比如說 ”至今我還是不肯相信那是我的幻覺” 是不是改成 ”至今我還是不肯相信那是事實而不是我的幻覺”比較通暢一點呢

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    翻譯機 is bad, bad, bad!!!

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    Today I would like to talk about my experience. When I was in the fourth grade, my math was pretty bad, and I was constantly getting low grades. During the summer break, my mother got in touch with my teacher. He was also hoping to help me improve my math skills, so he asked mom to take me to school the next day.

    When I arrived the next morning, the school was pretty empty due to the break. Since we did not decide on a meeting place, I headed down the hallway toward his office. Suddenly I heard my teacher call me from behind and waved for me to turn around. As I turned around and walked for a moment, my teacher appeared from his office, said "Where are you going?" I turned and saw him. I then turned to find the first person, but he was nowhere to be found. I thought to myself, "No way. This is really wicked." Till today I still can not beileve my imagination.

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    I must say today am my by oneself experience In our country small 4 grades summer vacation period Because mathematics is very bad Continuously tests not well Thereupon mother on contacts with teacher Teacher also hoped can help me to strengthen mathematics Informed mother previous day to lead me to go to the school to help me to strengthen Previous day early in the morning I to school when At that time because was the summer vacation School no person I also do not have and teacher approximately the place Thereupon walks to teacher the office that corridor corner Teacher suddenly stops by calling out me from behind Beckons with me Wants me with to go from the reversed direction After walked several seconds Teacher on suddenly appears from the office Said with me that, You must go? I turn head immediately Turns the head to look afterwards time That same stopped by calling out me the person already to disappear In my heart thought that, Cannot! Such mysterious Until now I or am not willing to believe that is my illusion

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