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    感謝教師: Say thnaks to teachers or saying thanks to teachers or To say thanks to techer!!

    專輯:一本 album: The holder for such recordings

    一個事件 : special event:A social gathering or activity.

    Teacher's Day: In Taiwan it is celebrated on September 28 annually. It expresses respects to the labours and contributions of teachers to the Chinese society and commemorates the birth of Confucius, the model educator.

    In 1939, the ROC Ministry of Education established the national holiday to be August 27, the attributed birthday of Confucius. In 1952, the Executive Yuan changed it in September, stating that it was calculated to be the precise date in the Gregorian calendar.

    The festival celebration occurs in the temples of Confucius around the island, known as the Grand Ceremony Dedicated to Confucius (祭孔大典). The ceremony begins at 6 AM with drum beats. 54 musicians dress in rose with blue belts, 36 (or 64) dancers dress in yellow with green belts. They are led and followed by cermonial officers. Three animals -- the cow, the goat, and the pig -- are sacrificed. The hair plucked from these sacrificed animals are called the Hairs of Wisdom.

    In addition, local education institutes and civil offices award certain teachers for their excellence and positive influence.

    在 臺灣 它年年慶祝 在9月 28 日。它表達尊敬對老師的勞方和貢獻 對中國社會和紀念Confucius 誕生 , 式樣教育家。

    1939 年, ROC 教育部建立國慶節是 生日8月27 日, 歸因於的 Confucius。 1952 年, 行政院 改變了它在9月, 闡明, 它被計算是精確日期在 格裡歷。

    節日慶祝發生在Confucius 寺廟在海島附近, 以 盛大儀式著名致力Confucius 儀式開始在上午6 點從鼓 敲打 的(????). 。54 位音樂家穿戴在上升了與藍色傳送帶, 36 (或64) 舞蹈家穿戴以黃色與綠化區。他們由cermonial 官員帶領和跟隨。三個動物-- 母牛、山羊, 和豬-- 被犧牲。頭髮被採從這些被犧牲的動物稱智慧的頭髮。

    另外, 地方教育學院和民用辦公室授予某些老師為他們的優秀和正面影響。

    因為不知你專輯 是一頁,或一本,或一個事件所以很難翻

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