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給我亞瑟小子的Simple Things 歌詞中文翻譯

我不要用翻譯通翻出來那種怪怪的喔 好聽 但是我不知道他在唱蛇麼

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    Yeah, uhh 耶, 呃They say money can't buy you love 他們都說錢是買不到真愛的They say money can't buy you love 他們都說錢是買不到真愛的They never seem to listen 他們都沒有仔細聽I'm all ears 我洗耳恭聽Just copped your girl a brand new Rolex 你送了一支全新的勞力士給你的女朋友But you can never find the time to spend at home 但卻忙得找不到時間在家陪她Thinkin' it's gon' keep her happy 以為送她這些東西就會讓她快樂When time is all she wanted all along 其實她只是希望你能夠花點時間陪陪她[Chorus] It's the simple things in life we forget 這是生命中最簡單不過的事,但我們卻常忘記You hear her talkin' but don't hear what she said 你感覺聽到她在說話,卻聽不清楚她在說什麼Why do you make something so easy so complicated 為什麼你總要把簡單的事變的那麼複雜Searching for what's right in front of your face 尋找著在你眼前的一切But you can't see it 但是你卻看不到它So you think that you know what's important 你以為你知道什麼才是重要的Steady chasin' your fame and your fortune 一直追尋著你的名譽和財富But you don't know 你卻不知道You're chasing a dime losin' a treasure 你所追尋的只是不起眼的東西Those dollars don't make sense to me at all 對我來說那些錢啊名譽啊根本不算啥Ooh, it goes        接下來Duh da duh da You give her spending money 你讓她花你的錢Duh da duh da But all she wanna spend is time alone (tonight) 但她只想要一個人靜一靜Keep givin' her 一直送她The finer things but 那些很昂貴的東西But she don't really need that 但她並不需要If you don't stop you're 如果你再不停止這種行為You're gonna end up alone (alone) 到最後你會孤獨一人(一個人)The world without love (duh duh da duh da) 你將會活在一個沒有愛情的世界Why would you do it 你為什麼要這麼做?Stop tryna buy her love 不要再想用錢買到她對你的愛'cuz you won't ever have enough 因為你永遠不會滿足There's always someone with more than you 而且永遠會出現比你更強的人You need to pay her attention 你只需要花時間在她身上Give her what she needs 給她她真正需要的Do the simple things 就是那麼簡單Before you lose your girl to me 在你還沒輸給我之前Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeeah Yeeeah yeah Play on playa 繼續玩吧Yeah Your girl comin' wit' me shorty, haha 你的女孩已經要被我把到了,哈哈I'm tellin' you man 我告訴你'cuz u know 因為你知道嗎You better look out 你最好小心點I hear you talkin', i hear you talkin' (ha) 我聽到你在說話,我聽到你在說話(哈)But what are you saying 但...你在說啥呢?Oh hoo oh hooo Don't be a fool 不要做個傻瓜You got a good thing 你有很好的條件Man are you blind 老兄,難道你是瞎子嗎Stupid or crazy? 或是太笨或瘋了之類的?You got a good thing (uh) 你有很好的條件You got a good thing 你有很好的條件Special lady 這麼特別的女孩You better hold on 你最好好好把握And give her what she want 給她她想要的Before she move on 在她沒變心之前Man I tell you cars, clothes, and fancy things don't mean a damn thing 老兄,我想我必須告訴你,,車啦,衣服啦,名貴的東西...這些根本什麼都不是 Don't let this be the thing you'll always regret, 千萬不要讓這個成為你的遺憾

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