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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Now Game funds are wanted!!You can get the small gift if your tip is 5 dollars and over. Although I have produced EYEZMAZE contents for fun, it is very difficult to satisfy both creating games on this site and earning my living. I don't have enough time to cast my ideas into shape,even I strike a jackpot of ideas one after another, and especially, it is very difficult for me to take times for creating complex games such as GROW series.So I have something to talk over with you.I would like to ask for donations as a `tip system',if there are kind people, after you play my games, of course if you will like games very much.If this system will work out, I promise I would make games on and on !!I've already had many idea in my mind,please help me to make them in real.Thank you very much to read above.I've made a small present for the personwho donates me 5 dollars and over as the tipThe small gift of the month is [Tontirulin Ver.0] (mini game of Tontie)You can play on your PC (only win or mac).



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    現下比賽資金被想要﹗ !


    雖然我已經開玩笑產生EYEZMAZE 內容,但是滿足既在這個網站上創建比賽又謀生是非常困難的。 我沒有足夠的時間把我的想法投進形狀, 即使我一個又一個,和特別撞上想法的頭彩, 適合我適合創造增長系列的複雜比賽花時間是困難的。


    我想要捐款作為一個' 小費系統',如果有友好的人們,在你打我的比賽之后, 當然如果你將非常喜歡比賽。

    如果這個系統將努力獲致,我許諾我將不停做比賽﹗ ! 我已經在我的頭腦裡有很多想法了,請幫助我在真正裡做他們。




    本月的小的禮物是 [Tontirulin維爾。 0](Tontie的袖珍的比賽)


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