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    [Shandong province]

    Celebrate the farmer in cloud County August 15th fiesta soil rice God、call"green seedling club".Various city,face the gin with namely mo etc. ground in addition to month of fiesta、also have to visit grave the worship of ancestors.The landlord of grounds such as hat County,lai sun,wide rau and the yo city etc. also entertains the tenant in Mid-Autumn Festival.Then the Mid-Autumn Festival of mo eats a kind of should diet the article to call"the mie arrows".

    [Mountain west province]

    Anne's ya stanza of Mid-Autumn Festival of the lau invites the son-in-law.Always rather Mid-Autumn ce gun si moon star lord.Greatly and together the county moon cake calls the reunited cake、going to greatly two and three meter、the night of the Mid-Autumn and have the vulgar lykewake.Stone building County Mid-Autumn si god of the city.


    The completely county calls the Mid-Autumn is"small New Year's Day"、drawing the moon star gentleman and pass de night to read the spring to be like for autumn on the moonlight paper.The river County takes the Mid-Autumn rain as bitter rain、if the Mid-Autumn Festival rains、the green vegetables of that year necessarily the flavor is not good.

    [shan West province]

    The man of night of the west Mid-Autumn in country County goes boating to ascend the precipice、the woman also arranges the good ya .In spite of the rich and poor、eat the watermelon necessarily.Ask the side Mid-Autumn to have to blow the drummer to follow the door to promote、to beg for the tip to servant、the example is a Dragon Boat Festival,New Year's Eve together.The Mid-Autumn Festival in thn County parent rate student of the lau holds the gift to do obeisance the stanza for the Sir、the precious sight more school dinner party of the lunch.

    [Jiangsu province]

    The night that has no the Mid-Autumn in tin County burns the dau joss-stick.The on all sides hu of the fragrant do has the yarn chan 、drawing to have the landscape in the palace of the moon.Also have the fragrant dau to become with the fragrant plait of the line、insert the god of literature and colorful shan ensign that have paper's ties up.The person Mid-Autumn yan in Shanghai eats with the laurel blossom sweet wine jau .

    [River's west province]

    ji Anne County evening in Mid-Autumn Festival、each village the rice straw burns the earthen jar.Needing the earthen jar after burning redly then put the vinegar to go in.Have the flavor to float full whole villageses like this.Lately the city County leads the Mid-Autumn to hang a grass light since 11 nights、enjoying to face with the drum it in the city street、keeping going to on 17th.

    [Anhui province]

    The Mid-Autumn Festival of the mau source、child with an one hollow pagoda.Hangs on the tower with the debt drapery horizontal tablet etc. decorations、and then place a table of in before the tower、display various tool that respect"the tower God".Nighttime then inside all order outside up the light candle、glorious amiability.The ji river Mid-Autumn the child beats the Mid-Autumn firecracker.The Mid-Autumn firecracker is firm to become the hair plait form with the rice straw、picking up again to fight toward stone after wetting、making to send out huge ring and have the customs of visiting the fire dragon.The fire dragon with call the grass firm the dragon that become、the body inserts the fragrant column.Visit the fire dragon have the gong and drum team to go together、send to the river again after visiting each village.


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    All parts are large different on the Mid-autumn Festival  [Shandong ]   Peasant family, county of Qingyun, hold a memorial ceremony for god, valley of soil, August 15, call ' the society of shoot of food crops '. Zhu Cheng, Linyi and Jimo and other places must visit a grave and offer a sacrifice to an ancestor besides holding a memorial ceremony for the moon. The landlords of Guan County, Laiyang, Guangrao and posting the city and other places entertain tenants on the Mid-autumn Festival. Jimo take one should go on a diet product ask ' the wheat arrow ' the Mid-autumn Festival.  [Shanxi ]   Lu Ann invites the son-in-law in dinner festival of the Mid-autumn Festival. Respectful to offer sacriffices to the gods or the spirits of the dead lunar star main fact in peaceful will it be sunset the Mid-autumn Festival forever. The moon cake in Da Tong county calls and reunions the cake, it is big to two, 1 meter, and there was vulgar one that kept watch at night on the Mid-autumn Festival night. Stone floor county offer sacriffices to the gods or the spirits of the dead city god the Mid-autumn Festival.  [Hebei ]   Perfectly sound county call the Mid-autumn Festival ' light New Year's Day ', moonlight paper is it have lunar star monarch and Kuan Ti is it look like spring and autumn to read night to paint. The rain is the bitter rain with the Mid-autumn Festival in the interchannel county, rain the Mid-autumn Festival, of those years green vegetables good taste have certainly.  [Shaanxi Province ]   The man goes boating and ascends the precipice at the Mid-autumn Festival night of county in the west township, the woman also arranges the good dinner. No matter rich or poor, must eat water-melons. Blowers & drummers advocate along the door on the Mid-autumn Festival to ask, in order to demand lagress, the example and the Dragon Boat Festival, New Year's Eve. The Luochuan county parents rate in the Mid-autumn Festival student and present extend holiday greetings for the gentleman, the lunch is exceeded and had a dinner party in the school.  [Jiangsu Province ]   Wuxi county burns and fights fragrantly on the Mid-autumn Festival night. Fight fragrantly all around and paste yarn silk, paint scenery in moon palace. Struggling against fragrantly with the line spices arranging too, stars in the Big Dipper and colored flag that paper pitched are inserted above. Shanghai people's dinner of the Mid-autumn Festival goes with the food with the honeyed wine of sweet-scented osmanthus.  [Jiangxi Province ]   Ji'an county is at the dusk on the Mid-autumn Festival, the straw burns the earthen jar in each village. After the earthen jar is burnt red, put the vinegar to enter. Fragrant smell wafts in the full complete village in this way. The county of new city spends the Mid-autumn Festival and is the light of stem pith of the rice-paper plant is hung since 11 nights, the ones that met are in the market street with the strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, stop until the 17th.  [Anhui Province ]  On the Mid-autumn Festival of Wuyuan, children pile the empty pagoda in one with the brick and tile. Hang with such ornaments as the account curtain horizontal inscribed board,etc. on the tower, put a desk in front of the tower again, various kinds of utensils which offered ' the spirit of the tower ' furnishings. All some has lamps and candles at night, glory is lovely. The child hits the big gun of the Mid-autumn Festival on the Mid-autumn Festival in Jixi. The big gun is pitched into a plait form with the straw on the Mid-autumn Festival, it is taken that after soaking to stand up to the stone to attack, enable sending out the loud noise and there is custom that visit the flue. The flue is with the dragon calling the grass and pitching, fragrant posts are inserted on one's body. Visit flue counterpart, team of gongs and drums, occasionally, is it hand over to the river and then after all village to visit. 

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