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    名詞 - Energy saving

    動詞 - Save energy










    Recently years, people has thought highly of greenhouse and climate change of global environment and concluded global greenhouse gas emission standard in “Fundamental of Climate Change Convention” and “Kyoto Protocol”. The environment side becomes the main shaft for which each government establishes its energy policy, industrial circles scheming and investing and business management.

    The 96% energy we use relies on importing from other countries. The prospect for economic growth and the impulse for facing global greenhouse gas reduced emission, energy conservation has become an important course for energy policy of government. Based on our electricity source development hardly, energy price changing and energy price affected by law of international environment protection, the industrial circles must pay more attention on using their energy efficiently. So we can achieve the goal – conservation of energy, reduced product cost and enhancing international competition. Besides, the national estimation of benefit for energy conservation also needs to discuss, analyze and build index of energy conservation benefit. So that, we can accomplish energy conservation, reduce CO2 emission and estimate more concretely and accurately.

    Energy conservation result increasing needs efficient management, technology and combined with relational policy. Fortunately, the chief of our government organization assists and push policy strongly and we have better result gradually.

    Energy audit and energy conservation benefit analysis was cooperated with energy policy of government. The summary in “National Energy Conference”, which including using practical and powerful energy audit method, assisting energy user planning energy conservation program, concluding goal for reducing CO2 emission, assisting to discover energy conservation opportunity and pushing energy conservation program, has become the most important policy. According to those, we can research the energy conservation benefit of whole large energy user deeply and estimate the affection for greenhouse gas reduced emission to individual industrial circles and whole economics.

    The mission of this program is mainly to advance and establish a subject about energy audit for large energy users and also supply conservation technology and information. By Top 100 energy audits and the efforts of government, civil and industry, we can make energy conservation of users come true and achieve goal – the accumulation volume 16% of energy conservation in 2010 and 28% in 2020.

    Based on this, the program target and work content for year 2002 are as followed:

    (A) Energy audit management and assistance

    1. Assistant large energy users build energy audit system and accomplish energy audit declaration and preparedness.

    2. Accomplish the energy auditing for 76 ~ 100th energy users in Top Hundred and for 3 coal-fired power plants. Meanwhile, Accomplish the follow up for 41~75th energy users in Top Hundred.

    3. Accomplish the follow up for 3 coal-fired power plants.

    4. Finish following up the effect for large energy users in audit project and audit energy users in reality.

    5. Accomplish the energy audit of 3 coal-fired power plants.

    6. Accomplish energy audit spread service

    (1) Collect actually industrial energy conservation effect for all years and edit handbooks about industry such as foods, non-manufactured and special assignment industry for energy conservation successful cases as references.

    (2) Hold seminar and workshops for high intensity industrial energy conservation and energy audit effect in Top Hundred.

    (B) Establish energy conservation information system

    1. To establish energy consumption database of large energy users、on-site energy audit database of top 100 energy intensive users、database inquiring and managing system by Web interface、analysis on the performance of large energy users’energy consumption and conservation、statistics of energy-saving performance of on-site audits of top 100 energy intensive users.

    2. Update and expand Energy Information Network.

    3. To edit and publish energy conservation technique handbooks and energy-saving magazine.

    4. To develop register system by Internet and maintain 2-D Code Register System.

    5. To assist Energy Commission to execute the work that approval the Register Form carried out by energy intensive users、penalty the energy user who didn’t have register the energy consumption data、assist and manage new energy big users to implement energy-savings measures、manage the register of administrators in charge of energy management and energy-saving targets of large energy users.

    6. To plan and execute programs related to the programs cooperative with APEC Expert Group on Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

    (C) National energy efficiency analyses


    To establish the energy efficiency indices database of the entire nation, and to collect the newly industrial energy intensity indicators data.


    To analyze the energy efficiency in industrial sector in Taiwan.


    To investigate the changes of specific energy consumption in energy-intensive industries


    Accomplish the cost-effectiveness analysis for the usage of energy conservation equipments and technologies in energy-intensive industries.

    The pre-benefits for the annual program:


    Carry out energy audit system and set up energy management organization. For that not only reduce the energy using but also pre-find energy conservation opportunity for common utility equipment in audit. Establish measures to maintain equipment and combined with energy conservation ideas, we could complete energy conservation measures effectively and develop concrete energy conservation effect.


    By energy auditing Top Hundred energy users and coal-fired power plant severely step by step. Not only mean government declaring to push energy conservation in determined but also obtain meaning index and set well example. Moreover, Top Hundred energy users could execute energy management and measures in system and upgrade energy product.


    Energy auditing planning for 101 ~ 200th energy users to achieved more energy conservation by auditing less amount of energy users. Detail Energy auditing planning for Top Hundred and focus our effort on particular system, such as steam and condensate system, chilled water and cooling water system, compressed air system and cogeneration system etc., will obtain more benefit on detail energy auditing.


    According to large energy users join workshop, symposium, energy conservation project, refer to energy technological skill in energy handbook, energy audit annual report, energy usage yearbook, they could upgrade their energy conservation executive and programmatic ability, promote energy usage efficiency and provide government to push energy conservation policy.


    To establish on-site energy audit database of top 100 energy intensive users to understand every large energy users ‘s situation in energy consumption、energy consumption per product unit、energy consumption of equipments、performance and potential of energy saving.


    To establish on-site energy audit database of top 100 energy intensive users to understand top 100 energy intensive users’ situations in energy consumption、potential of energy saving and implement in reality and to master the performance of the follow up and analysis how the influence of energy saving to the whole industry.


    To establish Energy Information Network to provide energy big users energy saving related techniques、domestic and foreign energy news、raw and regulation、information about energy audit register procedure and penalty.


    To use the register by Internet and 2-D Code Register System to simplify energy audit register procedure and improve the immediateness and accuracy of data registered.


    Set up database of industry energy efficiency index, we could provide government making decision for important product consumption of unit, energy efficiency of main equipment, energy conservation measures and potential analysis.


    Accomplish energy conservation measures enhance self-benefit and reduce energy usage, CO2 emission. So that, not only the operating cost of energy could be lowered, but also to enhance the product competition.


    By the lack of data, it’s difficult to measure the physical indicators generally, but by using the data of energy audit, the physical energy efficiency indicators could be completely established, and to provide the detailed information of energy consumption in industry.


    To provide the tendency towards sectoral energy consumption and industrial energy intensity to help to measure the CO2 emission intensity and to set up the GHG emission standard.


    To establish the database of cost and conservation of new energy conservation technologies to help for measuring energy saving potential and evaluating the cost-benefit analysis.

    For the propose of the program that energy audit declaration data statistic and analysis for large energy users, realistic energy audit for Top Hundred and coal-fired power plant and following up measures execution and energy conservation potential in future, the government may take them as reference for energy conservation policy. The same time, the result of program can provide energy users establish energy conservation schedule, search energy conservation opportunity and plan energy conservation goal.

    Besides, we will develop computerized energy audit declaration data system this year and set up quick and reliable industry energy usage system for information and assist large energy users using electronic energy audit declaration interface. Spread the system to large energy users and improve declaration data reliability of large energy users. By efficiency estimation of energy conservation side, we will search energy conservation information from internal and overseas and establish energy cost database, industry & econom ics structure model and accomplish investigation cost sensitiveness simulation and analysis. It could be a reference for government making energyconservation policy.

    By efficiency estimation of energy conservation side, we will search energy conservation information from internal and overseas and establish energy cost database, industry & economics structure model and accomplish investigation cost sensitiveness simulation and analysis. It could be a reference for government making energy conservation policy.

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    名詞 - Energy saving. 動詞 - Save energy.

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