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    你這個問題問兩次嗎?重複問題會被檢舉啦!管理規則有粉多種,參考一下吧!外勞生活管理規則 Regulations on daily activities of Foreign workers 宿舍組織The Dormitory Organization 執行外勞生活管理規則的各項規定。To implement ocw livelihood management regulations. 宿舍管理員-- 負責寢室內之環境整潔 衛生安全之維護 就寢前人員之點名 對外代表該室人員作協調及連絡工作 管理規定傳達 問題反應 參加例行問題座談 其它有關宿舍事宜 《註》宿舍管理員由公司管理部門指派 Remarks: room leader to be designated by the management dept. Room Leader-The people living in each bedroom recommends one person to assume the job. He / She is responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and order of the surroundings, the sanitation and the safety and the calling the roll of the members before going to sleep for that every room. Acting as a representative to any affair outside of the room that needs to be coordinated and contacted. Announcing the management regulations. Reacting to problem. Attending meeting discussion and other dormitory matter. 室 長-設專任管理員二人(由公司指定外藉勞工擔任),全權負責宿舍之一切事務處理與協調,並從嚴督促住宿人員遵守宿舍規定及安全衛生之維護。Dormitory Supervisor-Set up 2 regular supervisors (Appointed by the management and take charge by the ocw) to have the full authority to handle and coordinate all the affairs concerning the dormitory. Also, strictly supervise the dormitory member to abide the maintenance of the dormitory stipulation and safety and sanitation.執行外勞生活管理規則所訂各項規定。To enforce the policy pertaining to the A.R.C. livelihood management regulations. 居留證、護照影本保管。To safe keep zero copy of A.R.C. and passport.睡前點名。點名時間,晚上22:00。Roll call time 22:00 at night.陪外勞就醫、看病。Accompanying ocw to the hospital and doctor. 協助外勞匯款。Assisting ocw to remit money.電話管理。Take care of the telephone.安撫外勞思鄉情緒。Advising ocw when feeling homesick. 處理有關外勞問題。 Resolving ocw related matter. 註:外勞住宿有任何問題,均需先向室長反應,再向宿舍管理員報告,尋求解決之道。 REMARKS:Ocw living in the dormitory if there should be any problem should first notify the room leader then the dormitory management personnel for personnel for assisting in solving the problem. 宿舍環境衛生維護規定 Dormitory Environmental Sanitary Protection Guideline 衛浴部份:Bathroom Section: 衛浴內外維護清潔不可任意丟棄雜物。Keep the inside and outside area of the bathroom clean. Also, do not throw any trash arbitrarily at the same area as indicate. 節約用水、用電、隨手關燈及水龍頭。 Save water and electricity. Turn off light and faucet when it is not needed. 沐浴完畢蓮蓬頭應掛回原處。Hang the shower hose back to its original location when finish showering. 沐浴後浴室地面之肥皂泡沫應沖乾淨,以免滑倒。Clean the soap foam of the bathroom floor after showering to prevent slipping. 吹風機一律在規定地點使用。Hair dryer should be placed at the designated area. 衣物架上不可放置重物。Do not put heavy object on top of the dresser. 蓄水池內保持清潔,不可拋棄雜物入池或在池內洗浴。Keep bath tub clean, do not put waste objects inside the bath tub. 出浴室外嚴禁裸體。Do not come out naked from the bath room. 洗衣台、飲水機部份:Laundry Sink and Water Fountain Section 不可將雜物或果皮丟棄在洗衣台或飲水機上。 Do not throw miscellaneous thing or peel of the fruit on top of the laundry sink or water fountain. 洗衣台上不可堆積私人待洗之衣物。 Do not accumulate any personal clothing that will be washed later on top of the laundry sink. 洗滌完畢必須將洗衣台及洗衣板沖洗乾淨並將洗衣板歸位。One should clean the laundry sink and washing board after washing. Also, put the washing board to its original position. 飲水機上不可吐痰或洗滌。 Do not spit or wash on the top of the water fountain. 公共使用部份:Public Area Using Section 走道保持暢通不可堆放私人用品,並保持清潔。Keep the hallway clear and do not accumulate personal belongings at the hallway. Also, keep the hallway clean. 閱覽室、娛樂設施場所之桌椅及桌面不可紊亂,用畢歸位。 Using reading RM. or recreation area. Do not leave table, chair disorder and table surface untidy, When finish using, put the table, chair back to their original position. 曬衣間之個人衣物必須晾掛整齊。One should hang one's personal clothing neatly in the drying room. 每人需講求個人衛生,衣服、頭髮、指甲要常剪洗,不可過長。 Every person is required to exercise sanitation, clothes, hair nail should always be trimmed wash and clean. 由各室輪值打掃區域包括衛浴、洗衣台、飲水機及公共使用部份。Doing rotationally by each room Clean the area including bedroom, laundry sink, water fountain public area using section by taking turns from each bedroom. 廁所規則 Lavatory Regulation 進出廁所隨手關門。Close the lavatory door whenever he/she enters or exits the lavatory. 大小便不可排洩於便池外。 When using the toilet facility, any feces or urine should be inside of the facility and not outside of the facility. 如廁後切記沖水。便池中不可丟棄雜物,以免阻塞。After excreting feces in the toiled, he/she should remember to flush the toilet. Do not throw trash in the toilet to prevent clogging. 隨手關燈、關門、關水龍頭,並節約用水。Close the door Turn off the faucet and light when not needed. 離開廁所時,門不可反鎖。 When leaving the lavatory, you may not lock the lavatory door.  宿舍管理規則 DORMITORY MANAGEMENT PLAN 外籍勞工宿舍管理事項依本規則辦理之。 All Ocw's shall follow this dormitory management plan. 宿舍管理要點: The dormitory Management Plan: 服從宿舍管理員管理、監督與工作派遣。 Follow instruction and guidance from dormitory management personnel. 由公司提供宿舍給員工使用。 The employer shall provide accommodation for OCW. 第一次由公司統籌購買免費提供臉盆、漱口杯、毛巾、香皂、 牙刷、牙膏、洗髮精、衛生紙、拖鞋、衛生棉、衣架。破損或 使用完畢後請自行購買。The employer shall be responsible in providing needs for the employee for the first times such as: a). Small basin/cup for brushing. b). Towel. c). Soap/Shampoo. d). Toothbrush/Toothpaste e). Tissue Paper and Sanitary Napkin. f). Umbrella, Hanger and slipper. If any of this items has been used or broken the workers shall be responsible for its replacement. 床舖分上下床、內務櫃、枕頭、棉被、墊被每人一份。 Double deck, cabinet, pillow, bedding/blanket pillow case for each individual. 每八人指定室長一員以利連絡管理。 A room will be chosen in every 8 person which can provide better communication for the convenience of the management. 宿舍管理員職責: The duty and responsibility of the chosen leader: 管理規定傳達。Distribute announcements and regulations.問題反應。Consult with management dept. on the regulations and is severe and difficult to solve.參加例行問題座談。Attend routine meetings.其它有關宿舍事宜。Any other matter related to dormitory. 宿舍備有公告欄、電視機、脫水機、電熨斗、飲水機、衛浴設 備及吹風機等供其使用,請妥善愛惜使用,如有故意破壞須照價 賠償,責任不明時由全體住宿人員分攤負責賠償。Dormitory is provided with bulletin board, television, dryer, iron, drinking fountain, lavatory facilities etc. please use with care, if intentionally destroyed original price should be paid if no one will hold responsible, compensation will be shoulder by all member in the dorm. 宿舍公共區域由各隊派人員打掃並負責將宿舍垃圾攜出丟棄 至指定場所。Dormitory public place is assigned with each team to clean and bring out garbage from the dorm to the disposal area. 住宿人員應遵守下列規定: All members should abide the follows regulations: 寢室規定 每日晚上22:00宿舍管理員到寢室點名,未歸者需述明原因。Every night at 22:00 dormitory supervisor will conduct roll call in the bed room. Not yet return explain the reason. 服從宿舍管理員指揮、監督與工作派遣。abide the management, Supervision and job assignment of the dormitory leader. 寢室內禁止燒煮、烹飪或私自接配線及裝接電器。Prohibit any cooking outside or connecting wire by himself/herself and assembling electric equipment except in the kitchen. 室內不得使用或存放危險及違禁物品。Do not use or store any dangerous or any prohibited object. 電視之使用聲音不得過大,以免妨礙他人安寧。Do not turn the noise of TV or too loud in order to prevent the tranquility of other people. 就寢後不得有影響他人睡眠之行為。After going to bed, do not have any behavior that may affect other people from sleeping. 宿舍不得留宿他人或親友,如有人拜訪應向宿舍管理員報備並登記拜訪者姓名、地址、電話及服務機關名稱等。Do not let other people or relatives and friends of staying over night. If there are people coming to visit, it should be reported to the dormitory leader and record the name, address, telephone number and name of the working office, etc. 住宿位置經分配後未經管理單位同意不得變更位置。 Without ADM. Dept's approval, any changed location is not allowed. 宿舍傢俱未經管理單位同意不得搬移。Avoid moving furniture and facilities of the management. 佈置未經管理單位許可不得張貼。Any poster or announcements without the approval of the management will not be allowed to be post on the notice board. 內務櫃上不得放置物品或吊掛物品,需儲放之物品請依指置,每週開放一次取 放物品。 Avoid hanging posters/photo or any material that could cause untidiness to the room especially to the bed corners and cabinets. There is a stockroom where personal belongings will be kept and it will be open up only once a week. 不要大聲喧嘩或熄燈時間後遊盪影響他人安寧。Avoid making loud noise or roaming around keep others from being disturbed while asleep. 務必請依下列規定擺放: Please follow the orders below: 棉被摺放一律放置右手邊(面對床舖),枕頭放置於棉被上。 - 漱口杯、牙刷、牙膏、一律放置臉盆內,毛巾放於臉盆上,臉盆及拖 鞋於床底(睡上舖者放床底右邊,睡下舖者放左邊)。 R 節約用水、用電。 Blanket on right hand side(facing the bed)pillow on top of the blanket. - Cup. Toothbrush, toothpaste put inside the basin, towel on top of the basin. Basin and slipper under bed.(upper deck at right down deck at left side.) RConserve water and energy. 貴重物品應妥善保管,若有遺失自行負責。Valuables should be kept by himself/herself is responsible for it. 14.晚間最遲於22:00前返回宿舍,並由宿舍管理員負責點名。He/ She Should be back to the dormitory before 22:00 at night the latest. Also, he/she should be roll called by the dormitory leader. 各房間之整潔由住宿人員各自清潔整理,並接受檢查。 The cleanliness of each room should be cleaned by the living member of each . Also, ready to be inspected. 禁止在宿舍內抽煙,包括床上。Prohibit smoking in no-smoking area including the bed. 水、電不得浪費,用畢後應立即關閉以免造成不必要之浪費。Do not waste any water and electricity when not in use. After using it should be turned off in order to prevent any unnecessary waste. 水電、瓦斯使用後務必立即關閉,室長於睡前應巡視一遍。After using the gas, it should be turned off immediately. The person who is in turn should make an inspection tour once before sleeping. 嚴禁在宿舍內酗酒、賭博、打麻將及其他不良或不當行為。 Prohibit any drinking alcohol heavily, gambling, playing mahjong and any other bad or inappropriate behavior. 宿舍管理登記外出者之姓名、地點、事由及進出時間,以備主管查閱。 Dormitory management registration for outgoing person's name, place, reason, and in-out time, for supervisor consultation. 會客應向宿舍管理員辦理登記,地點限在宿舍門口。Receiving visitors should inform dormitory management personnel for registration. Meeting place is only at the dormitory door. 會客時間限於下班時間到晚上21:00。 Visiting times limited only after working hrs. up to 21:00 at night. 男外勞不能到女宿舍,女外勞不能到男宿舍。 Male go to the dormitory of female, and female go to the dormitory of male are not allowed.  寢室環境部份:Bedroom Surroundings Section 起床後必須疊被並保持床舖之整齊清潔。 One should fold the linen and blanket after getting up. Also, keep the bed clean. 桌面物品收拾乾淨,椅子用畢歸位。Keep table surface clean and do not leave belongings on the table. Also, when finishing using the chair, put the chair back to its original position. 所穿衣物隨手掛好。 Hang one's clothing neatly. 寢室內之打掃、拖地由各室人員自行負責。Each member of each bedroom is responsible for cleaning, mopping of the bedroom. 違反上述規定,發一次警告函,累計三次予以遣返。 Violating any above stipulation, an warning would be issued. When accumulating three times, he/she should be sent back to his/her country. 住宿人員如有下列情形而被查獲,依其輕重給予警告或遣返等處份: Occupants who violates any of these rules and regulations will be warned and repatriated: 留外人住宿或帶外人進入宿舍。 Entertain outsider to stay overnight or brought inside the dormitory. 宿舍內烹煮食物或使用電爐、電暖氣、電湯匙、等電器用品及燃點蠟 燭。 Never cook food in the dormitory using electric stove, heater, electrical machine. Avoid lighting candles. 喝酒、賭博、吸毒及其他不正當違法之行為。 NO smoking, gambling, taking drugs, or any illegal actions. 擅自攜出宿舍公物。Do not take out any of the facilities outside. 飼養寵物。Do not bring any animals inside the dormitory. 私接電話。 Do not connect private telephone. 不假外出或外出未依規定時間返回宿舍。 Going out or not returning back on the assigned time. 騎、乘機車。 Do not ride any motorbike. 破壞宿舍秩序或以其它方式妨礙擾亂他人安寧。Make riot or making noise that disturb the privacy of others. 三樓陽台勿近。Don't go near the 3rd FLR balcony. 存放易燃違禁品,危險物品。Keeping flammable material. 有違善良風俗者。Immoral actions at the public. 宿舍內務整理勸導改善達三次者(含)。 Interior untidiness three time or over. 在室內抽煙、喧嘩、爭吵、鬥毆。Smoking, making loud noise, quarreling and fighting in dormitory. 其它妨礙團體生活之行為。 Any actions to disturbed the group life. 內務櫃鑰匙如有遺失須賠償新台幣壹佰元複製新鑰匙。 Any lost cabinet key shall be paid NT$100 for duplicate charge. 下雨時攜帶雨傘;進入宿舍或工廠應將傘放於指定位置。Bring with you your umbrella when raining and be sure to place your umbrella in the designated place either in the factory or in the dormitory. 遇有緊急意外事故應通知管理人員。Please inform the administration department if there is any emergency happens. 上班或外出應遵守交通規則並注意自身安全。 Obey traffic rules and regulation, when coming in or out of the factory. 衛生紙、衛生棉、及其它物品使用後請投入垃圾桶內,以免造成衛浴設備 管路阻塞不通。Please throw the tissue paper and stationary napkins inside the trash can avoid throwing it inside the toilet bowl. Flush after using toilet. 娛樂交誼室使用為08:00~22:30,其餘時間不得使用。Leisure room is open from 8:00~22:30, other time can not be used. 宿舍熄燈時間為每日23:00,熄燈時間後僅允許開小夜燈。Light will be off at 23:00, only small night lamp are allowed to be on after. 衣著及交通管理要點:Clothes and traffic management plan 每人發給夏季工作服二套,冬季工作服一套,其餘自行處理但不得奇裝異服。Each employee shall be distributed 2 sets summer uniform, l set winter uniform to be wear during working duty, after off duty you can wear on your own but not outlandish/outrageous. 2. 上班及假日交通自理(上班至少二人以上結伴而行以策安全)。 Transportation come to work or on holiday shall be responsible by the employee.(For safety precaution please have one companion in going out at least.) 3. 行走時請靠邊走並注意本身安全。Walk along road and observe safety signs. 育樂管理要點:Leisure room management plan 宿舍備有有線電視供其觀賞。Magazines and newspaper will be provided. There is a cable TV that has been installed in dormitory. 假日可自由活動,如有廠外活動要事先核准。In going-out for a holiday shall apply in advance. 膳食管理要點:Meals management plan 上班時間膳食供應中、晚餐,以自助餐為主每天早餐、假日午、晚公司不供應伙食,但發給代金。早餐20元,午、晚餐各40元。(所有人員必需在餐廳內用餐)。During working time, lunch and supper will be in meal-box service to be provided daily by the employer, daily breakfast, lunch and supper for holidays, the employer will not provide meals, but instead will give cash NT$20 for breakfast, NT$40 each for lunch and supper. All employees shall have meal in the canteen. All employees shall have meal in the cafeteria. 每人使用一份餐盤、湯杯、筷子、湯匙、紙巾、主菜二樣選一 樣。副菜三樣,飯、湯依各人需要取用,禁止多取少吃,以避免浪費。Everyone will have plates, soup-cup, chopsticks and napkin. One(1) main dish will be serve and three side course. To have rice and soup is a must. Take enough food you could consume on time. 食用完後將桌面擦拭乾淨,椅子歸定位。 Clean up the dining table after eating and return your chairs, follow the garbage separated. 中、晚餐用餐時間依分發單位用餐時間用餐(夜班人員依管理 單位規定時間內用餐)。Take lunch, dinner on assigned time according to different department. (Night shift will have meals at assigned time.) 注意餐廳安全衛生。Observe cleanliness and safety precautions inside the cafeteria. 外出規定: Outgoing regulations 外籍同仁於假日外出一律需事先申請核准(於前一天08:00PM以 前申請)並於當天22:00以前回宿舍,不得在外過夜(假日外出時 間為08:00AM開始)。Going out for holidays, employee should inform his superior(8:00 p.m. prior to the date he wish to apply). Everyone should be back in the dormitory before 22:00 p.m. the same day. Staying out for overnight is not allowed.(8:00 A.M. is the going out time.) 用餐時間不在廠內或宿舍內,不供應伙食。Foods are only provided during mealtimes in the factory. 3. 外出時向宿舍管理人員領取居留證影印本,返回宿舍時並填寫 歸回時間。Withdraw ARC copy from the dormitory Matron when going out and fill -in return time on the log book upon your return. 外出時不得涉及不正當場所或穿著奇裝異服。To wear outlandish or improper clothes in any place is strictly prohibited. 外出時間如超過22:00PM未歸者則視情節輕重給予適當處份或報警 處理。 Not returning to the dorm. before 21:30p.m. shall be apprehended in accordance to the seriousness of the matter or be reported to the police if needed. 外出時請結伴而行並隨身攜帶居留證影印本。All OCW shall be accompanied by other co-workers when going out and must bring a copy of their ARC. 管理人員請假外出時請向職務代理人申請簽核。If the matron is absent, ask the permission from the assistant if you want to go out. 請假核准後須向宿舍管理員或代理人登記,如有外出依外出規定 辦理。Register on the long book with the matron or her assistant after her approval. In going out, you must follow all the outgoing regulations.  一般急救Emergency rescue rules 急救之目的為維持生命,防止傷病情況惡化,促其康復。Emergency rescue can save one's life, to avoid serious injury or sickness, and have a quick recovery. 發生任何狀況應儘速告知主管或管理員做適當處理,必要時,請求119協助處理。 Should there be any circumstances happen, immediately informed the supervisor or matron, or if necessary contact 119 for assistance. 保持鎮靜,擔負急救責任。 Always keep calm in handling the emergency rescue. 對於神智清醒的傷患使其有信心。Encourage the wounded person to have confidence and hold on. 迅速採取行動,鎮靜並有條不紊地最急迫的狀況給與最優先處理。Take immediate action that with priorities arranged orderly. 須確定對傷患或對你自己均無進一步危險。Be positive so nobody will get hurt during the emergency rescue. 如傷患之呼吸已告停止或逐漸衰竭時,應清理其呼吸道,且如需 要時應開使給與急救復甦。 If the injured person becomes weaker or can hardly breath, the emergency rescue must clean his upper windpipe before sending him/her to the hospital. 對傷患及週遭的人,應使其心安,如此可有助於減輕其焦慮。 Consolation is important to the injured person and encouragement is very helpful for his future recovery. 移動傷患前,應將骨折部位及廣大創傷部位予以制動處理。 Moving of the injured person must be carefully handled to avoid further injury or damage. 如又需要時,亳不遲疑地安排傷患小心地送醫院處理。 When the condition of the injured person is worsening, he should be immediately delivered to the hospital for proper treatment. 觀察並記錄傷患狀況之任何變化。The progress on the condition of the injured person should be observed and recorded accordingly. 不要試圖作太多急救,如非必要,不可脫除衣服。Without special medical knowledge, one should not join the rescue unless necessary. 對神智不清之傷患或疑有其內傷者,或可能不久需接受麻醉者,均不 給予食物或飲料。Clothes of the wounded person should not be taken off. Do not give food and water to the wounded person who is temporarily unconscious on had internal wound or may have anesthesia in the future.  消防安全須知FIRE FIGHTING MEASURE 一切消防設備,不用於非消防目的之工作。All fire fighting should not be used for non-fire fighting purposes. 從事電焊、氣焊、生火、燒火等工作時應先申請用火許可證, 經核准後方可使用。One should ask permission in conducting any electric welding, air welding or burning of any things. 器材物料之堆存不得防礙消防設備之取用。 Stocks of materials should not hamper the use of the fire fighting equipment's. 工廠整頓及清潔為消防之上策。Remember, that the order and cleanliness of the factory is the best way to avoid fires. 員工應熟知自身工作場所之消防設備位置。 All employees should know how to operate and position the fire fighting equipment's. 廠區內嚴禁吸煙及攜帶引火物品(吸煙請至吸煙區)。The factory strictly forbids smoking and bringing of any matches or lighters. (Smokers should proceed to the smoking area). 易燃及爆炸等物品應放置指定安全地點。Place all materials in their designated place especially the chemicals that will burn easily. 儲藏揮發性化學物品應注意溫度及通風並指派專人負責。Always look out for the chemicals' temperature and assign someone to check this daily. 滅火設備應照規定放置於明顯易取之位置,並定期檢查保持可 用狀態,滅火設備周圍應保持暢通無阻。 Fire-fighting equipment's should be placed in a visible area. Check periodically if the equipment's are in good order and change damaged equipment's as soon as possible. 易燃物品應經常檢查,下班時應處理完畢後方可離開工作場所。 Always check the materials that burns easily. Clean and finish it before going off work. 發現起火時應立即按下警鈴呼救,取減火器滅火並注意本身安 全,必要時請求119協助,必要時請求119協助。 In case of fire, press the alarm button immediately, use the fire extinguisher to terminate the fire, and always watch out for your safety. If necessary contact 119 for assistance.  一般衛生守則 GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS 有清潔的工作環境,才能增加工作效率,故而每位工作人員應該負責環 境衛生之維護。All employee should always keep the environment clean because with a clean environment, work will be effective. Every one is responsible in maintaining cleanliness. 工作場所要保持清潔,明亮而有秩序,與工作無關的物品、器具應加以整理儲存。The working area should be neat, clean and orderly. Arrange and store properly articles, tools that has nothing to do with your work. 地面上如有易滑的油漬,應主動清理乾淨,以免發生意外。 Cleanse away oily liquids that spills on the ground to avoid accidents. 養成隨時撿拾地面上雜物之良好習慣,同時避免作業區死角之堆積 垃圾造成髒亂。Develop the habit to always pick up pieces of papers/trash from the floor, and clean any mess. 盥洗室、廁所等公共場所每人都有清潔的責任,經常保持清潔,以維護 大家的健康。All employees have the responsibility to keep the public area such as the bathroom/toilet always clean and maintain personal hygiene. 食物如未用完畢,應把食物密封。Enclose unfinished foods all the times. 物品工具用完應歸回定位避免隨地放置造成不便。Tools or any materials used must be returned to its original and proper place. 於工作場所內應正確穿著制服,並配掛識別證,制服應定時清洗。Always wear the uniform and identification card at all times when working. Wash your uniform regularly. 正確利用休息時間,飲食必須在規定場所進食,工廠在地下室餐廳。Always use the correct time to rest and eat at the assigned place.  宿舍管理罰則 項 次違 反 規 定 事 項罰 款 金 額1.個人生活區域或公共設施未確實打掃或保持清潔。NT$ 200(扣2分)2.未在規定地點用餐。NT$ 200(扣2分)3.未關水龍頭、電風扇、電燈。NT$ 300(扣3分)4.將雜物任意丟入便池、洗手台、窗外、走廊等。NT$ 400(扣4分)5.逾時回到宿舍就寢。NT$ 500(扣2分)6.私自換床位或物品或未依指定儲放位置放置。 NT$ 500(扣5分)7.在宿舍內喧嘩吵鬧,影響他人者。 NT$ 1000(扣10分)8.酗酒、抽煙。NT$ 1000(扣10分)9.外宿未歸或私自留宿外人。NT$ 1000(扣10分) 10.私接電線、使用非允許之電器或瓦斯爐。NT$ 1000(扣10分)11.撕毀公告,破壞公物。NT$ 1500(扣15分)12.騎乘機踏車。NT$ 2000(扣15分)13.晚點名後未經核准又離開宿舍。 NT$ 2000(扣15分)14.打架、賭博、偷竊。 遣 返15.恐嚇脅迫同仁或散佈不利於公司之謠言或文字。遣 返 16.在寢室內用餐。NT$ 200(扣2分)附註:凡因違規扣分累計達30分者,一律遣送回國處分。 違反事項不在上列之規定事項者,均依工作規則處分。 違反住宿規定遭罰款者,將處罰現金直接存入專用戶頭內移作菲勞福利金之用。 菲勞福利金將全部用在菲勞福利上,如購買公用熨斗、錄影帶、清潔競賽獎品、加菜金及給工作期滿回國時完全無違規紀錄者之獎勵等。 違反住宿規定者視情況取消其加班機會。 違反上述事項經公告通知後三天未履行者加倍處罰,不依從者遣返處分。  PENALTY FOR DORMITORY MANAGEMENTITEMSVIOLATION PENALTY1.NOT PROPERLY CLEAN OR MAINTAIN CLEANINESS THE INDIVIDUAL LIVING AREA OR PUBLIC AREA.NT$200(MINUS 2 PTS)2.NOT TAKE MEALS AT PROPER LOCATION.NT$200(MINUS 2PTS)3.DID NOT CLOSE WATER FAUCET, SWITCH OFF ELECTRIC FAN AND LIGHTS.NT$300(MINUS 3 PTS)4.THROWING MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES INTO THE TOILET BOWL, LAVATORY, WINDOW, CORRIDOR ETC.NT$400(MINUS 4 PTS)5.EXCEEDING TIME TO RETURN TO THE DORM TO SLEEP. NT$500(MINUS 5 PTS)6.CHANGE BED SITE WITHOUT PERMISSION, OR ARTICLES ARE NOT PUTNT$500(MINUS 5 PTS)7.MAKING LOUD NOISE IN SIDE THE DORMITORY, AFFECTING OTHER PEOPLENT$1000(MINUS 10 PTS)8.DRINKING OR SMOKE. NT$1000(MINUS 10 PTS)9.DID NOT RETURN TO THE DORM WHEN GO OUT OR PERSONALLY RETAINING OUTSIDER INSIDE THE DROMNT$1000(MINUS 10 PTS)10.PERSONALLY CONNECTING ELECTRICAL WIRINGS, UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND GAS STOVE. NT$1000(MINUS 10 PTS)11.DESTROY PUBLIC NOTICE OR EQUIPMENT'S NT$1500(MINUS 15 PTS)12.DRIVE MOTORCYCLENT$2000(MINUS 15 PTS)13.FIGHTING, GAMBLING, STEALING, AND SMOKING.NT$2000(MINUS 15 PTS)14.FIGHTING, GAMBLING, STEALINGBE SENT BACK15.THREATENING OR INTIMIDATION OF CO-WORKERS. OR SPREADING RUMORS, INVECTIVE LANGUAGE IN DISADVANTAGE TO THE COMPANY INTERESTBE SENT BACK16.IT IS PROHIBITED TO EAT MEALS INSIDE THE BED ROOM. NT$200(MINUS 2 PTS)REMARKS: ACCUMULATION OF 30 PTS. OF THE VIOLATIONS WILL BE REPATRIATED. IF VIOLATED ITEMS ARE NOT STATED OF THE ABOVE REGULATIONS, WILL BE PENALIZED BASE IN THE WORKING RULES AND REGULA TIONS. VIOLATION AGAINST THE DORMITORY RULES, THE FINE WILL BE DEPOSITED OF PHILIPPINES. PHIL OCW WELFARE FUND SHALL BE EXCLUSIVELY APPLIED TO ALL PILINO WORKER, LIKE BUYING IRON FOR PUBLIC USE, VIDEO TAPE, PRIZES FOR CLEANING CONTEST, BUDGET FOR ADDITIONAL FOODS, BONUS TO BE GIVEN TO WORKER WHO HAS COMPLETED THE WORKING CONTRACT WHEN GOING HOME AND WITHOUT RECORD OF VIOLATION IN ANY COMPANY REGULATIONS. DISCRETION FOR VIOLATION OF DORMITORY REGULATIONS, SHALL BE THE BASIS FOR THE CANCELLATION OF OVERTIME OPPORTUNITY. VIOLATE THE ABOVE RULE, THE LABOR SHOULD WORK OUT THE PUNISHMENT WITHIN 3 DAYS. IF NOT, WILL BE SENT BACK TO PHILIPPINES. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------勝華科技的Company Management Regulation,參考參考!!! 紀律處分規定Disciplinary Policy 目的Purpose 為使員工對公司的期望有清楚的遵循原則,同時為工作紀律提出一套統一、公平及平等的政策規定。To provide a clear guideline to the employees in respect of the expectation of the employer and at the same time provide a fair, uniform and equitable policy on work discipline.任何為公司紀律所採取的處分,均出於矯正不當行為並促使員工進步之動機,而非僅為處罰。對於員工違反公司紀律情節輕微者,將發給書面警告,並給予對應之教育訓練、再訓練或諮詢。對於嚴重違反公司紀律或累犯者,公司將終止與該員之勞雇關係。It is intended that disciplinary action be corrective and progressive in nature rather than punitive. Written warnings followed by training, re-training or counseling sessions will be given to employees who make minor and undesirable offenses. Failure to observe serious and desirable rules or repetitive offenses of minor mistakes will lead to termination.政策Policy向員工清楚地傳達本政策,並根據公司政策對違反紀律者採取適當而及時的處分措施,是各直屬主管人員的責任。It is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to ensure that this policy is clearly communicated to employees and to take the appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with company policy in a timely manner when any offense is committed.人事Human Resources任何紀律處分在下達前均需與人力資源部門進行諮商,以確保各部門之間所採取的紀律處分的一致性。解雇處分需事先得到部門主管及人力資源部門的核准。The Human Resources Department must be consulted in advance before any disciplinary action is given in order to ensure consistency among departments and divisions. Discharge of any employee requires the advance approval of the Department Manager and Human Resources.紀律處分通知Disciplinary Action Notice在一般情況下,紀律處分通知須由直屬主管在與其部門主管諮商後完成。此一處分通知應包括違反紀律的內容性質,及採取紀律處分之理由。再犯的結果及必須採取的矯正行為也應一併在此一通知中作詳細說明。紀律處分通知應在一定時間內(通常在48~72小時以內)讓被處分員工閱讀。In most cases of disciplinary action, a Disciplinary Action Notice must be completed by the immediate supervisor, after first consulting with the Department Manager. The Notice should include the nature of the offense and the reason for disciplinary action. The consequences of repeated offenses and the type of corrective action required should be stated clearly on the Notice. The Disciplinary Action Notice should then be reviewed with the employee in a timely manner (generally within 48-72 hours)紀律處分措施Disciplinary Actions為了給與員工改正錯誤的機會,公司將採行漸進式的紀律處分系統,根據違反紀律的嚴重性,它通常包括若干書面警告及解雇。詳細情節請採見後附之「紀律處分規定表」。In order to be sure that employees are given every opportunity to correct problem performance, the company will adhere to a system of progressive discipline which consists of written warnings and discharge, depending on the severity of the offense. The progression to be followed for specific offenses is provided on the Rules and Disciplinary Guidelines chart included at the end of this policy.所有警告處分都將成為員工的永久檔案。然而,只有最近12個月內的警告才能作為決定適當紀律處分的依據。在任何情況下,只要累積三個警告,公司將會予以解雇,但此處分事先須經過部門主管的批准及人力資源部門的審查。All warnings become part of the employee's permanent file. However, only warnings received in the most recent twelve (12) month period will be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action. In any event, an accumulation of any three warnings will be cause for discharge. Exceptions to this rule must have prior approval of an appropriate manager and prior review by Human Resources.如果員工在被給予適當的警告後,其工作績效或行為表現仍未有所改善,公司也可能予以解雇處分。此外,對於若干特定違反紀律情節嚴重者,可不經警告直接予以解雇。任何解雇處分均需經部門主管及人力資源部門審查,並填寫紀律處分通知,作成文件記錄。If the employee's performance or conduct does not improve following the appropriate warnings, a discharge may result. In addition, certain offenses are serious enough to warrant immediate discharge without any preliminary warnings. Any recommendation for discharge must be reviewed with the department manager and Human Resources, and documented on a Disciplinary Action Notice.大多數情況下,漸進式紀律處分可按照「紀律處分規定表」來執行,但如果公司確信員工無意改善其績效問題,各矯正措施可能會加速進行,而解雇處分也可能較正常的漸進程序為快。While the progressive discipline recommended under the Rules and Disciplinary Guidelines chart will apply in most cases, if the company believes the employee is making no attempt to rectify performance problems, corrective action may be accelerated and discharge may occur sooner than the normal progression.公司認為解雇是非常嚴重的事情,需要仔細及全面性地審查所有事實,並適當考慮任何可減輕處分的可能性,其中包括員工為公司服務的年資。在討論及決定解雇處分時需有兩名管理人員在場。只有在其它處分都已採取過或認為其它處分不合適時,才會採取解雇處分。The company considers a discharge a very serious matter that requires careful and thorough review of all the facts with due consideration of all extenuating circumstances, including the employee's length of service. A discharge must be handled in professional manner with another member of management usually present. A discharge will usually result only when all other alternatives of corrective or disciplinary action have been exhausted or deemed inappropriate.在特定情況下,員工可能被停職,以有更充分的時間徹底調查所有相關情節。直屬主管及部門主管必須與員工進行討論,並允許員工陳述其觀點及提供相關資訊。如果決定要解雇員工,人力資源部門須與員工進行離職面談。所有解雇處分需要徵得管理人員的同意,包括直屬主管及人力資源部門。In certain cases an employee may be suspended to provide more time to fully investigate all relevant circumstances. The supervisor and department manager will discuss the situation with the employee, allowing the employee to state his or her case and present relevant information. If the decision is made to terminate the employee, the Human Resources Department will conduct an exit interview. All discharges require approval by management, including the immediate supervisor and Human Resources Department.試用期間員工有可能在任何時間被解雇,而不需要執行上述紀律處分步驟。An employee may be discharged at any time during the initial probation period without regard to the disciplinary action steps outlined above.被解雇之員工在離職前應隨時有人陪同,而陪同人員應儘量將對被解雇員工造成的窘迫與困擾減至最低程度。The discharged employee should be escorted at all times and treated in a manner that causes minimal embarrassment.Rules and Disciplinary Guidelines紀律處分規定表出席- 準時Attendance - Punctuality書面警告Written Warning解雇Discharge遲到Excessive tardiness to work place or work position 曠職Excessive absenteeism 工作時間擅自離開工作崗位,未即時告知Absence from work without calling in a timely manner 無正當理由連續曠職三日,或一個月內曠職達六日者。Without proper cause, absent from work for 3 consecutive days, or an accumulated 6 days in a month. 下班前停止工作或提前洗澡Stopping work before shift ends or taking early wash up 非休息時間休息Taking breaks at unauthorized time 在工作時間內未經允許離開公司Leaving department during working hours without permission 未經打卡離開公司Leaving work without punching out  行政管理Administration偽造公司記錄 Falsification of Company records 為公司其它員工打卡Deliberately punching a time card for another employee 在支薪期間二次或更多次未按時打卡Failure to punch your time card two or more times within a pay period 未佩帶識別證Failure to wear identification badge未經公司允許擅自張貼、毀損或移走公司公告欄上的通知Posting, defacing or removing notices on the Company bulletin board without Company approval 未經授權銷毀公司記錄或洩露公司機密Unauthorized removal of Company records or release of confidential information 未經公司允許在工作場所分發印刷資料Distributing printed material on Company premises without permission在公司內賭博Gambling on the Company premises at any time 未經人力資源部門批准,擅自兜售生意、集資或請願Unauthorized soliciting, collecting money, circulating petitions without permission of the Human Resources Department違法使用公司印章或偽造工作記錄、文件或發票,蓄意侵佔公司資產Unlawfully uses the Company seal or fakes work records, documents or vouchers with the intention of misappropriating Company property安全Safety在禁煙區內吸煙Smoking in unauthorized areas未在要求的時間地點配帶安全設施Failure to wear safety equipment when/where required 違反安全規則或一般安全條款Violating safety rules or common safety practices沒有及時向主管報告傷亡或意外事故Failure to report an injury or accident immediately to Supervisor 未經允許擅自操作使用工具、機械或設備Unauthorized operation of tools, machinery or equipment 破壞環境衛生Creating or contributing to unsanitary conditions by poor housekeeping製造對身體有害或危險的環境Creating or contributing to unhealthy or hazardous conditions在禁止飲食、飲酒的區域內飲食、飲酒Eating or drinking at your work station where prohibited違反公司交通安全和停車規定Failure to observe traffic and parking rules on Company property 攜帶槍 隻或其它武器到公司Carrying firearms or other weapons on Company premises 營運-工作表現Operations - Work Performance違反生產標準Failure to maintain production standards 濫用或浪費公司財產Abuse or waste of Company property 竊盜或不誠實;未經批准拿走公司財產Theft or dishonesty, removing company property without permission 破壞、毀損或偷盜其它員工或公司的財產Destroying, defacing, or theft of property of fellow employee or Company 未遵守工作要求Failure to follow specified job instructions故意限制產量Deliberately restricting output 由於粗心造成廢品或產品品質低劣Creating scrap or poor quality material due to carelessness拒絕執行指定工作,怠忽職守Refusal to perform designated work assignments, neglect of duty 一般行為 -個人表現General Behavior - Personal Conduct無意執行工作,在工作時間內閒逛或浪費時間Inattention to duties, loafing or wasting time during working hours 在公司內攜帶或吸食毒品或麻醉劑;在毒品或麻醉劑作用狀態下工作Possession or consumption of intoxicants or narcotics on Company premises; being under the influence of such intoxicants 在公司內惡作劇、奔跑或製造騷亂Horseplay, running, or disorderly conduct on Company premises 使用謾罵或挑釁語言Use of abusive or provocative language 在公司內打架、鼓動他人打架或造成他人身體上之傷害Fighting, agitation a fight or attempting bodily injury on Company premises 上班時間內睡覺Sleeping on Company premises while on duty威脅或恫嚇其它員工Threatening or intimidating another employee無能力或無意願與他人和睦工作 - 造成人際分裂Inability or unwillingness to work harmoniously with others - disruptiveness攻擊主管Assault on a Supervisor不尊敬客戶Discourteous treatment of customers 無視公司政策辦法或工作程序Disregard of company policy or procedures 不尊敬公眾Discourteous treatment of the public不服從上級,包括但不限於拒絕聽從主管的要求或指示,對主管使用不尊敬的語言或行為Insubordination, including but not limited to, refusal to follow a superior's request or instructions, disrespectful talk or actions towards Supervisor 不論在何時何地騷擾、非禮他人或有其它不端行為Harassment, impropriety or appearance of impropriety, or other misconduct on or off Company property 於訂立勞動契約時為虛偽意思表示,使僱主誤信而有受損害之虞者。Misrepresents any fact at the time of signing the employment contract, misleading employer and cause damage to be incurred 受有期徒刑以上刑之宣告確定,而未為緩刑或易科罰金之宣告者。Sentenced to temporary imprisonment in a confirmed judgment, but has not been granted a suspended sentence or permitted to commute his sentence upon payment of a fine. 利用公司名義在外招搖撞騙,致使本公司信譽蒙受重大損失者。Committing an act of cheating in the name of the Company and causing serious damage to the Company regulation. 本人或教唆他人非法罷工或因怠誤要務導致公司蒙受重大損失者。Instigates other employees to conduct an illegal strike or conduct an act of negligence that leads to major losses for the Company. 鼓動或糾集他人包圍工作場所,影響本公司正常運作,情節重大者。Instigates or summons non-employees to lay a siege to the working place which affects the normal operation of the Company 煽惑或鼓動集體休假而影響本公司正常運作者。Instigates a collective leave-taking movement which affects the normal operation of the Company. 在外從事與公司利益衝突之工作,情節重大者。Engages in work which constitutes a competing interest with the Company.利用職權收受賄賂、回扣或其他不法利益者。Using job titles to accept bribes, kickbacks or illegal benefits. 偽造不實文件,意圖為自己或他人之所有而侵佔客戶財產。Making false documents for his/her own benefit or the benefit of another person, with the intention of misappropriation clients' property. 依照勞動契約、工作規則調派工作,無正當理由拒絕接受,經勸導無效有事證者。An employee is proven to have refused a work transfer prescribed by the employment contract or work rules without proper reason.違反勞動契約或工作規則,情節重大者。Where there is a gross breach of the labor contract or a gross violation of work rules. *一般而言,以上各項違規事件將由主管人員及人力資源部門進行調查。調查完成後,矯正或預防的措施可能包括各項紀律處分,到最嚴重的解雇處分。Generally these incidents will be investigated by Management/Human Resources. Following investigation, corrective or preventative action may include disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.*遭解雇處分之員工,不得向公司請求資遣費及加發預告期間工資。If an employee is discharged by the Company, he/she shall not be eligible to receive a severance pay and advance notice period pay from the Company.

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