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請問印第安那州South Bend到賓州Erie有哪些途徑?




yes, I know about that by driving

but the problem is I don't have a car

so, I wanna get some information about others.

and I also don't want to talk a fight.

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    you can drive there, it takes about 5 hrs (depends on how fast you drive though)

    1: Start out going WEST on E NAVARRE ST toward N MICHIGAN ST / US-31 BR / IN-933. <0.1 miles Map

    2: Turn RIGHT onto N MICHIGAN ST / US-31 BR / IN-933. Continue to follow US-31 BR / IN-933. 1.8 miles Map

    3: Turn LEFT to take the I-80 / I-90 ramp toward INDIANA TOLL ROAD. 0.9 miles Map

    4: Merge onto I-80 E toward OHIO (Portions toll). 231.2 miles Map

    5: Merge onto I-480 E via EXIT 151. 9.7 miles Map

    6: Take the I-71 N exit- EXIT 11- toward CLEVELAND. 0.8 miles Map

    7: Merge onto BEREA FWY. 0.4 miles Map

    8: BEREA FWY becomes I-71 N. 8.6 miles Map

    9: I-71 N becomes I-90 E. 94.8 miles Map

    10: Merge onto I-79 N via EXIT 22B toward ERIE. 5.9 miles Map

    11: Merge onto W 12TH ST / PA-5 E via EXIT 183A. 2.5 miles Map

    12: Turn LEFT onto STATE ST. 0.4 miles Map

    13: End at Erie, PA US Map

    Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 47 minutes Total Est. Distance: 357.66 miles

    Check out Amtrak or Greyhound then. I never try neither of this, but I heard that Amtrak is pretty economy

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