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問一句Isaac Asimov說的話

下面這段話,紅色的這段看不懂So there you are.  I stand four-square for reason, and object to what seems to me to be irrationality, whatever the source. If you are on my side in this, I must warn you that the army of the night has the advantage of overwhelming numbers, and, by its very nature, is immune to reason, so that it is entirely unlikely that you and I can win out.

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    foursquare 在此處指的是 堅定的

    reason ( 相對於後面的irrationality) 理智


    I stand foursquare for reason. 我堅定的相信理智的力量


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    這就對了, 我絕對相信事出必有因, 也反對那些對我而言無理的事--不管是什麼來源或消息

    four-square應寫成 foursquare(adj/adv/n) 較正確, 韋氏字典對 foursquare 的解釋是

    "marked by boldness and conviction" (憑著勇敢及堅定信念而受矚目)

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