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我知道 用知識+ 問功課不好

但是 ...



我的英文不是很好 ..

差的不得了 ..


因此 ..

我實在是不知道該如何動筆 ..

所以 .. 可以請大大幫助我嗎 ..

幫我用 英文 介紹 [敘述] 周杰倫 ..

謝謝噢 ..

[ 別罵我 >"< ]


給 austw3914

謝謝你的回答 ˇ

但是 ... 好像太長了

給 水男孩

這些 我懂 我也明白呀 ...

但是 我所知道的英文單字不多ˇ

我實在不知道該怎麼介紹 ..

難道要我用 翻譯網 這樣翻嗎 ..................

給各位回答者 ~

字數不要太多 ...

最好在 + 上 中文


Update 2:

呵 ˇ



+ 在一起


所以 ˇ

兩位都很謝謝優 !

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    Jay Chow BIOGRAPHY :

    English Name: Jay Chou / Chow

    Education: Tan Jiang High School (Music)

    Marital Status: Single

    Favorite Sports: Swimming, bowling

    Instruments: Piano, viola, guitar, cello, jazz drum

    Favorite Sports: Basketball, nunchucks

    Favorite Music: R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop

    Favorite Singer: Usher, Babyface

    Favorite Musician: Chopin, Liszt, Yo-Yo Ma

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite Food: Chicken

    Favorite Actor: Jet Li

    Favorite NBA Player: Michael Jordan

    Childhood Dream: Become Bruce Lee

    Hobbies: Songwriting, movies, basketball, electronic games

    Strengths: Writing songs/lyrics, sports

    Weaknesses: Shy, soft-hearted, easily nervous

    He may be still young, but look out world! He may surprise you! If you ask around, many would say that the music world has a new leader - the real king is Jay chou. As a child, Jay chou was never too good at academic subjects, and when he didn't get into any college, a lot of people predicted that he won't have much potential in life. His mom always worried about his future, but he never did. "I knew I still had music to depend on. For everything else, I've had too much confidence, but it is for my musical talent that I'm so sure of myself," he recalls. Growing up in a single-parent family, Jay lived a solitary childhood. Without many friends, he had a hobby of daydreaming, fantasizing into his world of music.

    So how did Jay get into music? At the age of three, he started learning to play the piano. He recalls his mother being very strict, to make sure he practiced sufficiently. Later, he learned to play the cello. Today, both are two instruments that he plays with superior dexterity.

    With all the musical talent, it isn't surprising that Jay started out as a songwriter. Since the age of sixteen, he has been writing songs for many of the most popular singers. Today, he has already written for some of the most popular Asian singers, including Coco Lee, Jacky Wu, Valen Hsu, Power Station, etc.

    It was only in 2000 that Jay released his own debut album "Jay", with the main style being R & B / rap. Singer/actress Vivian Hsu wrote the lyrics to three of the songs in the album: Cute Woman, Istanbul, and Tornado. Jay's soft and smooth voice is especially soothing and serene, making this first album an immediate hit. Each song in the album has its own, different style, and skillfully, Jay used his voice to suit each song's character.

    Lyrics are an element that cannot be neglected. Lyrics of Jay's songs all have a unique touch. In his song "Dad, I am Back", the subject is a broken family. "I heard that after war, there is peace. Why do I always see my dad beating my mom? Since I was young, you told me to learn from you, use you as a model. So much pretense. Mom always said be good, listen to your father. How do you expect me to be like you!" Then, in his song "End of the World", we see a different aspect of him. "Wanting to smile, to disguise the fallen tears. Gently nod, admit the fear of darkness. I just need, you to be at my side for a while. And you, won't bestow a small bit of sympathy."

    Ultimately, it is Jay's talent that has brought him to fame. His first two albums were nearly created all by himself - songwriting, producing, harmonizing, etc. In his concerts, it is not unusual to see him play the accompaniment as well as sing at the same time onstage, while his fans cheer wildly from below.

    This year, in 2002, Jay has won awards from all over the world. In China, he has won the most prestigious annual Channel V award for Best Male Singer. Today, he is often regarded as the best Asian male singer, and the reputation earned him a title of "Small King of R & B"

    Source(s): 網路上
  • 這還是得要自己下筆吧








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