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1.What were some of the issues forcing Canadians in the early 19th century??

2. What are the 3 largest cities in Canada???

3. how many days journey would it take you to reach a)Prince George b)Calgary c)Montreal d)St.John ???


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    1. The political process that led to the creation of Canada was largely a dialogue between the English-speaking and French-speaking communities of central Canada. Within the two communities, there were lively debates concerning the merits of creating a new nation and what form such a nation take. For French Canada, the paramount political goal was to ensure the continuation of the French language and French-Canadian culture. French-Canadian political leaders were determined that if there was to be a new nation, French Canada would possess the means to protect its identity and culture. A federal structure, which provided Quebec with a provincial government possessing sovereignty in a number of jurisdictions, seemed the only solution. 2. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver (依次序, 並參考下引)**3. From where?  The question is not complete here!!**補充証明一下我的答案: (是官方網站說的,不是我說的


    Archaeological evidence shows that coastal Indians had settled the Vancouver area by 500 B.C. British naval captain George Vancouver explored the area in 1792. Vancouver was founded as a sawmill settlement called Granville in the 1870s. The city was incorporated in 1886 and renamed after Captain Vancouver.With a present population of about 560,000 (estimated), Vancouver lies in a region of more than 2 million people. Vancouver is the largest city in the province and the third largest in Canada. It covers an area of 113 sq km.As the main western terminus of Canada's transcontinental highway and rail routes, Vancouver is the primary city of western Canada, as well as one of the nation's largest industrial centers.參考資料

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    No way that Calgary can be the 3rd largest city in Canada. Do you live in Calgary? Have you been to Vancouver? I have my families in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa. Just go there and take a look you will immediately know which one is the third largest.

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    canada is good

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    well.. it really depends what the definition of "large" is..

    Ottawa is the capitol only because the parliment is there

    Population wise, Toronto is the largest followed by Montreal, then Calgary (census 2001)

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    in #2 i think that it should be Ottawa(captial city), Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver should not be as big if you compare it with cities in the mid-canada, however, if it's just around the west coast, then it's of course a big city

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    1.一些議題正在早的 19 世紀內強迫加拿大人什麼??

    2.3 是什麼在加拿大的最大城市???

    3. 到達帶你多少天旅程一)喬治王子 b)卡加立 c)蒙特利爾 d)聖約翰???

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