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then 的用法

then 的用法.............


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    then (TIME)

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    adverb, adjective

    at that time (in the past or in the future)

    She was then sixteen years old.

    Soon the sun will go down, and then it will be time to go.

    She walked in and I decided to tell her then and there (= immediately).


    then (NEXT)

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    adverb [not gradable]

    next or after that

    He smiled, then turned to me and nodded.


    then (IN ADDITION)

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    adverb [not gradable]

    in addition

    We both want to go, and then there's Carmen, so we need three tickets.

    It would be fun to see them -- then again (= but after thinking about it), I don't really have the time.


    then (AS A RESULT)

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    adverb [not gradable]

    as a result; in that case; also used as a way of joining a statement to an earlier piece of conversation

    Why don't you call them to tell them we'll be late? Then they won't worry.

    If I don't hear from you by Friday, then I'll assume you're not coming.

    Source(s): Cambridge Dictionary of American English
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    thenad. (副詞 adverb)1. 那時,當時He worked in that factory then.他那時在那個工廠工作。2. 然後,接著They chatted for a while and then went to work.他們聊了一會兒,然後上班去了。3. 那麼,既然這樣When will the manager be available, then?那麼經理什麼時候可以接見我呢?4. 於是,所以He, then, decided to accept the proposal.於是,他決定接受這一建議。5. 此外,還有The applicant has had some experience in this kind of work, and then he is easy to get along with.那位申請人以前做過這種工作,另外此人很容易相處。a. (形容詞 adjective)1. 當時的[B]The rule was laid down by the then chairman of the committee.那條規章是當時的委員會主席訂下的。n. (名詞 noun)1. 那時,當時[U]We waited for him till then.我們等他等到那個時候。

    Source(s): Yahoo字典
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