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小肉包 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago












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    1 decade ago
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    1. Do you think that the spaceships of aliens are extremely fancy?

    2. Do you think that the aliens have birthdays?

    3. Do you think that the aliens have long hair?

    4. Do you think that they are fashionable?

    5. Do you wish that the aliens could teach you their language?

    6. Can you accept that when aliens wander around the Earth?

    7. Do you think that the aliens have emotions such happy, angry, sad, and pleased like the humans do?

    8. Do you think that the aliens would call us (humans) as 'aliens' as well?

    9. If there are aliens, do you think that there are lots of nations too? [這裡我原本想用 country 的 可是覺得 'nation '會更適合 因為它除了代表國家還代表了民族 而中文原文似乎也有再問說外星人是否也有分很多種外星人的意味]

    10. If the aliens are your friend, would you be just as nice to him as you are with humans?

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.You thought alien's space ship is extremely magnificent?

    2.You thought the alien has the birthday?

    3.You thought the alien they have the length hair?

    4.You thought the alien extremely catches up with popularly?

    5.You hoped the alien teaches you their language?

    6.You may accept the alien everywhere to take a walk on the Earth?

    7.You thought the alien can equally have the laughter, anger, sorrow,

    and happiness like the humanity?

    8. You thought the alien is not also is called us < humanity > the alien?

    9 .If has the alien, then you thought the alien also divides very many


    10 .If the alien is your friend, you can like to him to the humanity


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