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    I grow Hualian market in Taiwan east. My father is electron artificer, my mother then undertake employee at senior high school, four childrens in ranks leader in home. From childhood towards education very think well of in home, so make my good moral character and right philosophy of life.

    University time study in national Taiwan ocean university, major "Shipping management study departments ", towards lesson's study ha never slack, so lesson keeps at abeyance all the time. Besides profession knowledge cumulation, I still take advantage of after school time work and undertake student government can cadre, herewith increases job experience and increase interpersonal relationship. Because from the cradle like sport, so actively go in for department team and school team, and undertake pair of captain. Graduate after, come into go sea pull sb. into one's arms industry primogenitor - abundant China at home, undertake business job, course a year exercise behind, I towards current sea transportation market and tendency has equivalent to extent's unfasten, these experience engages in sea transportation job have corresponding helping strengthen my interpersonal communicate skill and challenge selfhood the limit and cooperate with troop cooperative ability future constantly too, I am considered as work together good much companion.

    I hope to can as my diploma and job experience for basis, have a round of development market are sea transportationing. I have confident me and position lieu accumulated sea transportation relative knowledge at university, communication skill, and center job experience are at troop, can let me to some extent exert and to your company to some extent contribution at your company. Hope to be able to engage in carry tusk job, thanks you precious time, hope to can have chance service at your company

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