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    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and concerned with the 'I' and the ego. It is the cardinal fire sign, and has all the fiery qualities of impulsiveness and optimism combined with the cardinal tendency to lead and to initiate. Aries born people have a buoyant active energy, negatively, unsophisticated egotism and a tendency to irritability and impatience. A powerful energy.

    Taurus is the fixed earth sign. People born under this sign are steady, patient, reliable and determined. However in common with all earth signs Taurus also has a practical creativity. which Taurus gets straight from the source, its ruling planet, Venus the creator. Taurean energy is consistent and long-lasting, like the beating of the heart. .

    Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is quick, verbal and intellectual. Its element is air, its quality mutable. People born under Gemini are like the restless wind. They are ethereal and hard to pin down. They are also changeable and inconstant. Gemini energy is bright and breezy but also superficial and inconsiderate - Mercury the Trickster never let anyone's feelings stop him telling a good joke. A subtle but flighty energy.

    Cancer is the first of the water signs. It is associated with the mysterious Moon. Cancerian energy is emotional, sensitive and giving. Cancer is also the cardinal water sign, and there can be a good deal of tough self-assertiveness in the Cancerian make-up. Like a Crab these people are hard on the outside but soft in the middle. A profound energy that can be hard to use effectively in day-to-day situations.

    Leo is the fixed fire sign. It qualities are like its ruler The Sun and has energy that is vibrant, embodying confidence, generosity and a relaxed sense of its rightful place in the scheme of things. It also has associations with heat including being hot-headed, hot-blooded, and hot-tempered. Leo likes to be the boss. It is a monarchical energy, full of directness that requires self -control for positive expression.

    Virgoan energy is paradoxical. It is an earth sign which is materialist and full of stability, yet it is also it is mutable. Governed by Mercury people born under this sign have a unique ability to be equally at home with both change and order. The Virgoan influence is calm, rational. Virgo has a perceptive energy that is highly discriminating.

    Libra is the sign of the scales and like its symbol it is always in pursuit of balance. In its ideal state Libran energy is smooth, airy and unemotional - almost invisible. However if the balance is upset by difficult circumstances Librans can swing between emotional extremes. The sign itself stands halfway through the Zodiac, and its first day is the autumnal equinox when night and day are equal. We find balance again in its ruling planet, harmonious Venus, and Libran energy tends to seek good relations with the energy of all other signs.

    Scorpios can be vengeful, intense and unsettling. They are considered to be bad boys and girls! Despite being a water sign, it is also fixed, suggesting stagnant pools and murky depths rather than babbling brooks or rolling oceans. Scorpion energy is about deep truths, penetration of surface and hypocrisy. For this reason it can be an uncomfortable experience.

    With Jupiter as its ruler, Sagittarius energy reflects the benign and regal aspects of that planet, in typical out-going fiery ways. It is optimistic, confident and positive. It is concerned with wisdom, freedom and exploration. But as with Jupiter himself, this easy-going positivity can turn into an imperviousness, impatience, or recklessness. A bright, futuristic, impractical energy.

    Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and its energy is particularly earthy associated with the practical materialist. Saturn's influence can make Capricorn's a cold and calculating and uninterested in flights of fancy. Their energy is more ruthlessly realistic. However this hardness is balanced in its symbol - the goat - with a fishy tale, suggesting strange watery depths and spirituality. It is profound, serious energy.

    Aquarian energy embodies the airy qualities of abstraction, idealism and altruism (particularly the latter, symbolised by the water carrier pouring forth water for others) with Saturnine coolness (added to the signs fixed quality) and Uranian novelty and individualism. Not easily reconciled attributes! Consequently, Aquarian energy is quirky, eccentric, fearless and independent.

    This is the mutable water sign. Piscean energy is the most fluid and watery of all. People born under this sign are sensitive, dreamy and mystical. Unlike the two other water energies, Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces energy has no hard shell. The Piscean emotions are pure and simple. These people go with the flow, giving it an easiness, and oneness with nature. They prefer to follow rather than lead. Piscean energy is unworldly, imaginative and mystical.

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    水瓶座 aquarius

    雙魚座 pisces

    牡羊座 aries

    金牛座 taurus

    雙子座 gemini

    巨蟹座 cancer

    獅子座 leo

    處女座 virgo

    天秤座 libra

    天蠍座 scorpio

    射手座 sagittarius

    摩羯座 capricorn

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