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Please Mr. postman木匠兄妹 戨詞

Please Mr. postman木匠兄妹 戨詞中和英

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    1 decade ago
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    Please, Mr. Postman  CarpentersOh yes, wait a minute Mr. PostmanWait, Mr. Postman Please Mr. Postman, looks and seeIf there's a letter in your bag for me Please, Please Mr. Postman Why's it taking such a long timeFor me to hear from that boy of mineThere must be some words todayFrom my boyfriend so far away Please Mr. Postman, looks and seeIf there's a letter, a letter for me I've been standing here waiting Mr. Postman so patientlyFor just a card, or just a letter Saying he's returning home to me So many days you passed me by See the tears standing in my eyesYou didn't stop to make me feel betterBy leaving me a card or a letter Why don't you check it and see one more time for meYou gotta wait a minute, wait a minute Wait a minute, wait a minute Mr. Postman looks and see C'mon deliver the letter, the sooner the betterMr. Postman... 請等一下,郵差先生 木匠兄妹合唱團請等一下,郵差先生等一等,郵差先生等一下,郵差先生,請查查看袋子裡是不是有我的信?請等一下,郵差先生為什麼讓我等這麼久只為了等我男友的音訊今天應該有隻字片語來自我那遠方的男友等一下,郵差先生,請查查看是不是有信件是寄給我的?我一直站在這兒耐心的等待郵差先生只為了一張明信片或一封信告訴我他將回到家裡你從我面前經過這麼多天了看見我眼裡的淚水卻不曾停下來安慰我給我一封明信片或信件為何你不再為我查看一遍?你一定得等一下請等一下,等一下郵差先生,請查查看快給我一封信,越快越好郵差先生........

    Source(s): 安德森之夢
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