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no matter what如何解釋

no matter what如何解釋(in English)

no matter what=no matter how嗎??


解釋in English

解釋(in English)

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    no matter what--->不管什麼

    ex:Don't trust her, no matter what she says. 不論她說什麼,都別相信。

    no matter how--->不管怎樣

    ex:No matter how they slander us, we will never give in.



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    No matter what 不等於no matter how

    No matter~後面有常加的五種關係代名詞或關係副詞

    No matter who

    No matter what

    No matter when

    No matter where

    No matter how


    No matter what如果用英文解釋


    For example:

    No matter what you do, I won't forgive you.

    => I won't forgive you although you try a lot of ways.

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    no matter what,who,where etc


    無論什麼. 誰.何處

    Do not turst him ,no matter what he says . 無論他說什麼都別相信

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