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make 5 sentences.. word order

The followings are list of nonsense words and English words. Create 5 original sentences using only these words but all of these words in each sentences. (sorry, I can't use Chinese in this computer...)mishiffen , a, drinking keg, gwisers, some , were, stoshly, frionized.


No, these are nonsense words.

Actually, it's my homework, but I can't figure it out.

Hope someone can help me to finish it.

Thanks a lot.

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    這是在測試您對inflection和derivation的理解:1. Some gwisers mishiffen in a drinking keg were stoshly frionized.2. Some stoshly frionized gwisers were mishiffen in a drinking keg.3. Some frionized gwisers were mishiffen in a drinking keg stoshly.4. Some stoshly mishiffen gwisers were frionized in a drinking keg.5. Some frionized gwisers were stoshly mishiffen in a drinking keg.ⓒ2005- 若片面刪除本文,則喪失本文使用權

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