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The Benefits to business of using Email as a communication tool.

Many Businesses fail because of the communication mistakes. Building a clear communication object in the business and you will get more commitments to your business.

The Internet is not only about computers, but also communication with each other, and Email is the most basic way to communicate with others in the business. Although Web site can involve various events (such as: media , pictures ,Chat rooms…etc), Email can connect people directly, just like the telephone, and Email can communicate with a lot of people at once. Nowadays, almost everyone uses Email to connect with their customers, the advantages are easy to send and receive it, and it always works immediately. Email is also easy to keep the records for a long period.

Email is also a primary software in every computers, it means using Email costs nothing in the business , you don’t need to stay online for 24 hr., and you don’t need to add papers all the time, it’s the most effective communication tool in the business.

However, more and more people use Email as a communication tool in their business, because it’s a cheap and convenient way to connect with each other.





那不然直接用The Benefits to business of using Email as a communication tool.這題目寫一個範例給我可以嗎

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    這位大大 我幫你把你的原文修改過了

    你在原文中有很多多餘的用詞 我都加以簡化了


    當然 如果你還有什麼問題的話可以來信問我喔 ^^

    The Benefits to business of using Email as a communication tool.

    A majority of business and industry were unsuccessful due to the unclear and misunderstanding nature of communication and personal interactions. In order to be successful and competent in the field of commerce, it is important to build good communication skills as well as systems with the client and other competitors.

    The use of internet is not just about getting abundant resources more quickly, but also about the convenience of communicating with people from different regions, where Emails have been the most popular and widely used tool. Emails function just like telephones where you can interact with the receiver as on one-to-one basis. Yet there are more advantages than just using telephones, such as you can still get the message from clients even when you are unavailable at certain times; the message would still retain in the mailbox as long as you never delete it; you can attach picture or illustrations to the receiver which is something you cannot do via telephones; and best of all, it is free.

    Given all the reasons mentioned above, with the emphasizing on how economical and convenient Emails are, it is thus understandable why emails are regarded as the most important and essential tool in communication for the development in business.


    1. 在這種情況下很少人說 'communication mistakes' 文法是正確的可是意義上有偏差 你原本想表達的應該是'溝通不良'吧 我在原先的寫法裡寫得比較長 如果你想要簡化的話可以直接用 "poor communication" ^^

    2. 你所說的 “Email can connect people directly, just like the telephone” 這句比喻不是很洽當 因為directly 以電話來說是可以當場聯繫對方 可是 email 可能要拖個幾小時甚至幾天對方才會看到

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    你中翻英的吧?...滿詭異的 請順便給一下中文的...光看英文還有些地方不懂你要講啥

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