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傳統款式,但以高品質和迎合潮流的裁剪和包裝手法,是 LEE 作為牛仔褲製造商專家的產品保證和市場地位的象徵。


時至今日, LEE 的悠久歷史令它成為美國牛仔褲的一大主流。它的產品無論在傳統於前衛的角度上,仍保有一定的水準和價值,已成為既經典又時尚的牛仔褲的代號。

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    5 classic styles match with the jeans series that the different and fashionable trend cuts, there is another the casual wear trousers to wait for a different style with inclined 紋 trousers.

    Traditional style, but with high quality with cater to current to cut with the packing skill, is the symbol that the LEE is the expert's product of the jeans manufactory assurance with the market position.

    Design brand-new and rich times feeling with the ladys' wear series that matches with a female shape to cut.

    Up to now, the LEE long history becomes American jeans it of a greatly essential.Its product still preserves certain level and is worth on the vanguard's angle in the tradition no matter, having already become since the classic is the code of the jeans of the vogue again.

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