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停車為park the car


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    1.My scooter won't start. 我的機車發動不了。

    2. Can you give me a ride? 你可以載我一程嗎?

    3. Jump on! 上來吧!

    4. Can you drop me off at the corner? 你可以讓我在轉角下車嗎?

    5. Slow down! 騎慢點!

    6. Step on it! 快一點!

    7. I'm almost out of gas. 我的汽油快用完了。

    8. Is there a gas station near here? 附近有加油站嗎??

    9. Don't forget to lock your scooter. 別忘了鎖上機車。

    10. Pull over here a minute. 把車停到路邊一下。

    11. Can you change the oil please? 可以請你幫我換機油嗎?

    12 Fill her up please! 請把油加滿!

    13 Watch out for the potholes! 小心地面上的坑洞!

    14 Where did you park? 你車停在哪裡?


    15 Drive carefully. 小心駕駛。

    16 My scooter was towed! 我的機車被拖吊了!

    所以其實都是用park !!!


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