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1.Imidazolidinl Urea 咪唑烷基尿素


2.Methyl- 及Propyl-或Butyl-或Ethyl-paraben 甲基或乙基或丙基或丁基苯






4.Propylene Glycol 丙二醇

tum en Urea



5.PVP/PVA Copolymer :PVP/PVAw聚合物




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    If you should use natural prodcuts, would make a decision to look for them soon, go to read the products to label, and refuse to yield to the half-natural products. It is compositions that we find out and shouldn't present most from numerous chemical compositions of the general cosmetics to guide as follows. 1 kind. The urea miaow thiazole alkyl urea of Imidazolidinl is second only to benzene, the most frequently used antiseptic is a main reason of the exposed toing skin inflammation too. 2.Methyl - But the time limit of extending the products that and can restrain the microorganism and grow in Propyl or Butyl , ethane base paraben methyl or the second base or the third base or the cube base benzene, though poisonous, used extensively, will cause a lot of irritated responses and skin red. 3.Petrolatum mineral fat is the glue made of the mineral oil, and questions of the mineral oil are a lot of. The corpse is the most common in compositions of the lipstick, the mineral oil is used to make people sensitive to the light in the skin (accelerate the injury of the sunshine), interfere human body's natural moist system, cause the skin to be dry and full of cracks. Because the cost is cheap, numerous producers like using. Satirize, claim factory trading company can moist composition of skin to cause skin moist factor. 4.Propylene Glycol third two pothouse, tum of alcohol, urea third two alcohol should vegetables oil and mixture, grain of alcohol, belong to the natural materials, but usually all formated by petrochemistry, is used for acting as and protecting the wet pharmaceutical, have already notified and caused the irritation and toxicity to react. 5.PVP/PVA Copolymer: The chemical products derived of the polymer petroleum of PVP/PVAw, used in the styling gel , perm pharmaceutical, and other cosmetics, because its particle son will suck the lung to pay attention to, poisonous to the sensitive physique person.

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