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I am a boy of 16 and I'm very unhappy.I'm good at my schoolwork but not very good at sport.The other kids in my class laugh at me.I wear glasses and am the smallest boy in the calss.I'm very short and thin and I don't have any muscles.I'm not popular with the girls,either.My mom says that I shouldn't worry and that I'm just a later developer,but I am worried.

What should I do?



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    Hello,my dear friennd:

    Although I don't think that your problem is really bad as you said,but since that you're worry about that very much,I would like to give you some advises.

    If you want to be stronger than now,the only way is keep doing your exercise.Do you like to go swimming?It's really a wonderful sport,very good for body's healthy.Besides,you will get the muscles as you wish.

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