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    be + pp + by + N  是基本句型 by 後面的名詞是做動作的人或事物. 但是有時候狀況不一定有"出動作的人或事物".例: The top of the mountain is covered with snow.     山頂被白雪所覆蓋. (snow並不是做出動作的事物)    The table is covered with a table cloth by me.    桌子被我用桌巾覆蓋住.     這樣了解了嗎?省略 by+N 表示做動作的N不明顯, 不必說也知道 或不重要例: The scandal will soon be forgotten (by people).     這個醜聞很快會被(人)遺忘.     His car was stolen (by someone).     他的車被偷了.

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    嗯 只能用by

    不能省略的情況 是有限定特定的人 例如 

    The cake is made by my mother.

    The vase is broken by my naught brother.

    He was seen walking in by me.

    省略的情形 是你已經會知道是誰做 你不用說 大家也知道會是誰做的 你就可以在句子中不用說出來 例如: 

    English is spoken (by them) in America.

    John was taken to the hospital (by them).

    Then store will be closed (by them) tomorrow.

    His homework should be done (by him) at once.

    如果你不太能判別 要不要省略 你就都寫出來吧 等以後文章你讀多了 你就會慢慢了解的 

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