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如果驕傲沒被現實大海冷冷海嘯又怎會懂得要多努力才走得到遠方If arrogant not by realistic sea cold cold tsunami, how also can understand wants to be many diligently only then walks obtains the distant place如果夢想不曾墜落懸崖前據一方,又怎會曉得執著的人也有隱形翅膀If vainly hoped for not once crashed in front of the cliff according to a side, how also could know the rigid person also had the hiding wing.人因夢想,而偉大;人生有夢,築夢踏實,都說明了夢想的重要性The person because of vainly hoped for, but is great; The life has the dream, builds the dream to be steadfast, all explained the dream importance而我的夢想並不像一些人擁有遠大的抱負But my dream certainly does not like some people to have the broad aspiration我的夢想只是想過的平淡些My dream is only has thought light我不向往任何財富I do not yearn for any wealth我只希望過的平平安安I have only hoped safety我想蓋個農場I want to cover a farm養養牛羊鴨Anxious cattle and sheep duck跟自己的家人聊聊天Chats the day with own family member但現在每件事都要錢But present each matter all asks for money一天到完都是以讀書為重One day arrives all is take studies as is heavy只有讀書才有錢嗎?Only studies only then richly?我並不曉得I certainly did not know我只能盡力的完成我的夢想 I only can with every effort complete my dream 最初的夢想緊握在手上The initial dream grips tightly in the hand最想要去的地方 怎麼能在半路就返航Most wants how can the place return from cruise in the halfway最初的夢想絕對會到達The initial dream to can arrive實現了整個渴望 才能夠算到過了天堂Realized the entire hope to be able 夠 to calculate had beento the heaven對不起本人的中文跟英文都不好.請各位別見笑.若要責罵我者.吾會虛心接受

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