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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago




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    2 decades ago
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    How promote in international image of Taiwan?In Taiwan everywhere it is thus clear that everyplace area holds of activity, have the slogan of promoting"healthy city" in Taipei recently, "spread the love to come" me song sung on stage by Ma, Ying-Jiu and the FIR , purpose is for protecting the minority ethnicity position in society, in recent years, the minority ethnicity of Taiwan really is usually neglected.

    The right that wins system to connect them and should have is also deprived, now, for resolving these problems, the government promotes the welfare of the minority ethnicity actively, letting them get the guarantee that should have not only, also promoting my country image in nations consumedly.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    How promotes in Taiwan's international image? Activity conducts whichin the Taiwan everywhere obviously various areas, recently had inTaibei advocated "healthy city" the slogan, was sings by Ma Yingjiuand F I R "likes spreading" 主題曲, the goal is for protect theweak 勢族 group in society's status, Taiwan's weak 勢族 groupindeed frequently is neglected in recent years. The victory systemlinked the right which they should have also to deprive, now, in orderto solve these problems, the government positive advocated the weak勢族 group the welfare, not only let the safeguard which theyobtained should have, also big promotion our country in internationalimage.

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    How do we promote the internaeronal image of Taiwan?


    There are local activities seen holding in Taiwan.


    Just recently, the Taipei City Government advocates a "healthy city" slogan, ushered by singing out the theme song "Spreading out Love" sung by 馬英九 and FIR, which is purposed on protecting the weak groups from being deprived of the rights they deserve.


    Vulnerable people in Taiwan are frequently disgarded by the society in the past few years.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    How to improve the international image in Taiwan? Can see the activity held of every area everywhere in Taiwan, there are slogans which recommends ' the health city ' in Taibei recently, sung the theme song by Ma Yingjiu and F I R ' spread out the love ', the purpose is for protect the position in the society of weak tendency ethnicity, in recent years, the weak tendency ethnicity of Taiwan is really often neglected.

    Have won and made even their due right and has been deprived, now, in order to solve these problems , government's positive welfare of recommending the weak tendency ethnicity, not only let them get the due guarantee but also improve the image in world of our country greatly .

    Source(s): DR.EYE
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