What can I use the web for?

What can I use the web for?請英文回答給我簡單的答案,約5句左右的答案就好請不要貼一大堆的資料文章給我,謝謝

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    2 decades ago
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    1.  I can save time and money by useing E-mails.2.  I can have all infomaiton at had without going one on a ranny day.3.  When I need to brainstorm with colleagues or class mates, I can do it at home without the troulb of findking a plces to discuss.  Its saves money.4. If the information is not in Taiwan, you can serche the other country's data base and even make some foreigen friends.5.  With the wireless device populare, we can take a tap-lap on the suburbs to work while viewing beatiful flowers.

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