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英文的大問題 20點ㄡ




如 FIRST........以此類推


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    mend:He asked her to mend his socks.


    fix:We are going to have the TV fixed.



    1 one 1st first

    2 two 2nd second

    3 three 3rd third

    4 four 4th fourth

    5 five 5th fifth

    6 six 6th sixth

    7 seven 7th seventh

    8 eight 8th eighth

    9 nine 9th ninth

    10 ten 10th tenth

    11 eleven 11th eleventh

    12 twelve 12th twelfth

    13 thirteen 13th thirteenth

    14 fourteen 14th fourteenth

    15 fifteen 15th fifteenth

    16 sixteen 16th sixteenth

    17 seventeen 17th seventeenth

    18 eighteen 18th eighteenth

    19 nineteen 19th nineteenth

    20 twenty 20th twentieth

    21 twenty-one 21st twenty-first

    22 twenty-two 22nd twenty-second

    23 twenty-three 23rd twenty-third

    24 twenty-four 24th twenty-fourth

    25 twenty-five 25th twenty-fifth

    26 twenty-six 26th twenty-sixth

    27 twenty-seven 27th twenty-seventh

    28 twenty-eight 28th twenty-eighth

    29 twenty-nine 29th twenty-ninth

    30 thirty 30th thirtieth

    31 thirty-one 31st thirty-first

    32 thirty-two 32nd thirty-second

    33 thirty-three 33rd thirty-third

    34 thirty-four 34th thirty-fourth

    35 thirty-five 35th thirty-fifth

    36 thirty-six 36th thirty-sixth

    37 thirty-seven 37th thirty-seventh

    38 thirty-eight 38th thirty-eighth

    39 thirty-nine 39th thirty-ninth

    40 forty 40th fortieth

    41 forty-one 41st forty-first

    42 forty-two 42nd forty-second

    43 forty-three 43rd forty-third

    44 forty-four 44th forty-fourth

    45 forty-five 45th forty-fifth

    46 forty-six 46th forty-sixth

    47 forty-seven 47th forty-seventh

    48 forty-eight 48th forty-eighth

    49 forty-nine 49th forty-ninth

    50 fifty 50th fiftieth


    The first is better than the second.


    She was (the) third in the exam.


    Do you know the man, the second in the back row?


    He was the eighth to break the record.


    He is the fifth person to ask me the question.


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    RepairMendFixRevampPatch upRestoreRefurbishRenocateDarnPut back togetherGet working again 1. First: This is the first answer.2. Second: This is the second sentence.3. Third: Where is the third question?4. Fourth: I can’t see the fourth car.5. Fifth: Let’s wait for the fifth runner to show up.

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