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一段有關光學的原文文章~請大家幫忙翻譯一下^ ^謝謝

A Colorimetric Spectrophotometer or Specttrophotometer uses a light source to light the specimen being measured.

The light reflected by the object then passes to a grating which breaks it into the spectrum.

The spectrum falls onto a diode array which measures the amout of light at each wavelength.

This spectral data is then sent to the processor where it is multiplied together with data table values for the selected CIE illuminant and the 2° or 10° standard observer functions to obtain the X, Y, Z values.

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    測得的光譜資料傳輸至處理器,加上所選定的光源的資料參考表,依作整合分析。或者以標準的2° or 10°偵測功能,去取得X, Y, Z值。

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