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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

請教這句如何翻譯”average monkey”??

After all, she's not your average monkey.



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    2 decades ago
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    1. term of endearrment. best when modified by a verb or adjective. can only be applied with love, when no other nick name will do.2. someone who scampers about monkey; sex monkey; crazy monkeythat Dee Dee, she's such a monkey! A dick!, a Cock!  


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    男人對異性的(生殖器)暱稱 (但是這個字是俚語用法 可能會讓人不感到不悅 這個字也同樣是女人對男人生殖器的暱稱之一 如果不確定 盡量不要用) 所以我覺得你的原句子是說 畢竟 她不是個普通的馬子

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    2 decades ago


  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    After all 經過這些事情之後

    she's not your average monkey. 她不是你的普通搗蛋鬼

    average monkey 搗蛋鬼

    PS 請問這是哪一部電影?

    2005-09-08 23:55:19 補充:

    oh~~Thank you

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