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我的名子叫bruce,我有點小緊張.很高興擔任英文小老師.我ㄉ星座水瓶座生日2月9日.夢想和bradpitt一樣帥.謝謝大家聽我的自我介 紹 我已打一些草稿ㄌ

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    My name is Bruce, I'm a bit nervous. I'm very happy to be named the "little teacher" for English. My birthday is on the nineth of February, which makes me an Aqaurian. My dream is to be as charming as Brad Pitt one day. Thank you all for your attention, I've already made a draft for my introduction.


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    My name is Bruce, and I'm a little nervous. I'm happy to be a "little English teacher". I am an aquarius, and my birthday is on February 9th. My dream is to become as handsome as Brad Pitt. Thank you for listening to my introduction.

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