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請問誰知到英文的俗諺 例 :羅馬不是一天造成ㄉ 之類的諺語

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    ☆A bargain is a bargain. 契約就是契約; 說定了就得遵守☆A bird in the hand is worth two bird in the bush. 一鳥在手勝於兩鳥在林☆A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患難見真情☆A little learning is a dangerous thing . 一知半解最危險; 學藝不精反誤事☆A man is known by the company he keeps. 觀其友知其人☆A miss is as good as a mile. 失之毫釐,謬以千里☆A rolling stone gathers no mos. 滾石不生苔/ 民生在勤☆A sound mind in a sound body. 健全的心智寓於健康的身體☆Accidents will happen. 天有不測風雲; 人有旦夕禍福☆Actions speak louder than words. 行動勝於空談☆All is not gold that glitters. 發亮的未必是黃金☆All is well that ends well. 結果好一切都好(皆大歡喜)☆All roads lead to Rome. 條條大道通羅馬☆Art is long, life is shore. 人生短學術無窮☆All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 整天學習不耍,聰明孩子變傻瓜☆As you sow, so you will reap. 種瓜得瓜種豆得豆☆Barking dogs seldom bite. 會叫的狗不咬人☆Beauty is but skin deep. 美貌是膚淺☆Better late than never. 亡羊補牢猶未晚也☆Birds of a feather flock together. 物以類聚☆Blood is thicker than water. 血濃於水☆Care will kill a cat. 憂慮傷神☆Diamond cuts diamond. 棋逢敵手☆Do in Rome as the Romans do. 入境隨俗☆Don't cross the bridge until you come to it. 船到橋頭自然直☆Don't judge a man by his appearance. 勿以冒取人☆Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 勿孤注一擲☆Don't put the car before the horse. 勿本末倒置☆Easier said than done. 說比做易☆Even a worm will return. 匹夫不可奪其志☆Even Homer sometimes nods. 智者千慮,必有一失☆Every man to his own taste. 人各有所好☆Everybody's business is nobody's business. 眾人之事無人管☆Failure is the mother of success. 失敗為成功之母☆Fine clothes made the man . 美羽裝出美鳥; 人要衣裝佛要金裝☆Forgive and forger. 既往不咎☆Give me liberty or give me death. 不自由毋寧死☆Good begets good and evil leads to evil . 善有善報,惡有惡報☆Good medicine tastes bitter. 良藥苦口☆Great minds think alike. 英雄所見略同☆Habit is second nature. 習慣是第二天性☆Haste makes waste. 欲速不達☆Health is better than wealth. 健康勝於財富☆Heaven helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者☆Honesty is the best policy. 誠實為上策☆Hunger is the best sauce. 飢不擇食☆Idle is the partner of all vice. 懶為萬惡之源☆It is never too late to learn. 活到老學到老☆It is never too late to mend. 亡羊補牢,猶未晚也☆It is no use crying over spilt milk. 覆水難收☆It never rains but it pours. 禍不單行☆It takes two to make a quarrel. 一個巴掌拍不響☆Kill two birds with one stone. 一石二鳥☆Knowledge is power. 知識就是力量☆Least said, soonest mended. 禍從口出☆Let sleeping dogs lie 莫惹睡狗; 莫惹事生非☆Like father ,like son. 有其父必有其子☆Live and let live. 待人寬容如己☆Look before you leap. 三思而後行☆Make hay while the sun shines. 打鐵趁熱☆Many a little makes a mickle. 聚少成多☆Man proposes, God disposes. 謀事在人,成事在天☆Misfortunes never come single. 禍不單行☆Money makes the mare go. 有錢能使鬼推磨☆Money talks. 金錢萬能☆More haste , less speed. 欲速不達☆Murder will out. 法網恢恢,疏而不漏☆Necessity has no law. 狗急跳牆; 人急造反☆Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 今日事今日畢☆No news is good news. 沒有消息就是好消息☆No pains. no gains. 不勞則無穫☆No sooner said than done. 說到作做到☆Nothing venture, nothing have. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子☆Old habits nard. 積習難改☆One swallow does not make a summer. 個別不足概括全體☆Opportunities seldom knock twice. 機會稍縱既逝☆People will talk. 人言可畏☆Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧☆Prevention is better than cure. 預防勝於治療☆Quality matters more than quantity. 質重於量☆Riches nave wings. 財富無常☆Seeing is believing. 眼見為憑☆Set a thief to catch a thief. 以惡制惡☆Several men , several minds. 人各有志☆Something is better than nothing. 有總比沒有好☆Spare the rod and spoil the child. 不打不成器☆Speech is silver , silence is golden . 雄辯是銀沉默是金☆Still water runs an arrow. 靜水深流; 大智若愚☆Strike while the iron is hot. 打鐵趁熱☆Talk of the devil and he will appear. 說人人到☆The early bird catches the worm. 捷者登先,早起的鳥蟲吃☆The pen is mightier than the sword. 文勝於武☆There is no accounting for tastes. 各有天性☆There is no place like home. 金窩銀窩不如自家窩☆There is no rose without a thorn. 好景不常☆There is no short-cut to learning. 求學無捷徑☆There is no smoke without fire. 事出必有因☆Time and tide wait for no man. 歲月不待人☆Time flies like an arrow. 光陰似箭☆Time is money. 時間就是金錢☆To err is human, to forgive divine. 犯錯乃人之常情,寬恕乃神之聖行☆Tomorrow never comes. 明日不可盼☆Two is company, three is none. 兩人好作伴三人反成絆☆Two of a trade can never agree. 同行共忌☆Walls nave ears. 隔牆有耳☆Waste not, want not. 不浪費則不缺☆We are in the same boat. 同舟共濟☆Well begun is half done. 好的開始成功一半☆Well fed, well bred. 衣食足而後知禮義☆What is done cannot be undone. 覆水難收☆Where there is a well ,there is a way. 有志者事竟成☆Where there is life, there is hope. 有生必命就有希望☆Where there is smoke, there is fire. 無風不起浪; 事出必有因☆Words cut more than swords. 舌劍利於刀劍☆Work while you work, play while you play. 工作認真; 玩樂認真

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    羅馬不是一天造成ㄉ--The Rome is not what a day cause

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    ◎A bad penny always comes back.惡有惡報

    ◎A leopard cannot change his spots.江山易改本性難移

    ◎Do in Rome as Romans do.入境隨俗

    ◎Do nothing you would wish to cancel.若要人不知除非己莫為

    ◎God helps those who help themselves.天助自助

    ◎It's no use crying about spilt milk.覆水難收

    ◎Nothing venture,nothing have.不入虎穴焉得虎子

    Honesty is the best policy [誠實為上策]

    like father like son [有其父必有其子]

    you can not teach an old dog new tricks [你不能教老狗新花招]

    no pains no gains [不勞則無穫]

    practice makes perfect [熟能生巧]

    seeing is believing [眼見為憑]

    two heads are better than one [集思廣益]

    Kill two birds with one stone [一石二鳥]

    first come first served [捷足先登]

    easy come easy go [來得容易去的快]

    there are two side to each story [一體兩面][公說公有理,婆說婆有理]

    no news is good news [沒消息就是好消息]

    A bad thing never dies {遺臭萬年}

    A cat may look at a king {人人平等}

    A good book is a good friend {好書如摯友}

    A good medicine tastes bitter {良藥苦口}

    All rivers run into sea {海納百川}

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away {一天一顆蘋果 醫生遠離我}

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