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an empty apace in the surface of comething

我要這ㄍ empty apace surface comething 單獨解釋

pleasing to the senses 的 senses 事什麼意思

at some time in the past -------------past 是什ㄇ意思?

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    你打錯字了!!an empty space in (on比較好) on the surface of something  (在某個東西表面的空間)pleasing to the senses (senses在這指人的感官,有點像是賞心悅目的意思)at some time in the past (past是過去(名詞),意思是過去的某個時間,就是"曾經(有那麼一個時候)"

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    empty (空)


    surface (表面)

    comething (?)

    past (從前.過去)

    senses (感覺)

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