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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


1.Our failure to gain any understanding on the part of the ministries and agencies in question has been a source of considerable annoyance for us.(我們無法獲得政府單位這方面的理解,????後面看不太懂..) 2.Canceling our deal with your firm is not something I take lightly. 取消和貴公司的交易並非我所想的容易。(not something I take lightly不知是什麼意思?)

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    1. 我們無法讓有關單位跟人員諒解一直以來是我們最大苦惱的來源。

    2. 我不是隨便決定跟貴公司取消我們的約定。

    "Take lightly"的意思就是"不重視,所以隨便"

    有時候你會聽到有人說: "I don't take it lightly." 意思就是"我很重視這件事"!

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