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    Hand Puppet Theater布袋戲電影 聖石傳說 的網站 (英文版,從中可以學到相關的布袋戲專業用語的英文)http://movie.pili.com.tw/en/about/history.htm


    Taiwanese Hand Puppet Theater is a popular type of performing arts in the Taiwanese spoken societies. (Changchow, Chuanchow, and partial Chaochou) According to reliable documents, the initial wooden puppet show can be traced back from Tang and Sung Dynasty, although it hadn't developed into significant performing arts. The mostly common saying nowadays proclaims it rooted in Chuanchow between the late Ming Dynasty and the early Ching Dynasty around the 17th century. Although it was evolved from string puppet, the first hand puppeteer was Liang Bing-Lin who was an unsuccessful scholar. He began to operate wooden puppets by hand behind the curtains along with narrations of tales. Hand puppet theater is so called due to the movement is managed by hand.


    The Breakthrough of Traditional ArtsHand Puppet Theater in the general impression of present time is no more an informal puppet show of historical stories watched by crowds in front of a temple but the TV version Hand Puppet Theater enhanced with sound and special effects. Although the traditional form does possess appealing element, the theatrical path has to be modernized to please audience's unpredictable taste. The productions of PiLi International not only preserve the essence of tradition but also research and develop new ideas. The successful combination of traditional expertise and modern culture initiate a new trend and energy of local performing arts.

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    Puppet show .............這就是布袋戲的英文!!!!!!

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    Puppet show = 布袋戲

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