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麻煩請幫我翻譯QFS的Whats News謝謝

What’s NewNTP Software QFS™ has taken a quantum leap forward, a leap away from standalone products that work well together to -- a Fully Integrated Family of Products which are bundled together. NTP Software QFS™ version 5.2 represents this leap forward, it is a bundle of NTP Software products, which function as a cohesive whole, and provide an unparalleled powerhouse of control. Full support of Windows® 2003 Incorporation with NTP Software Storage M&A™ Incorporation with NTP Software Storage Investigator™ Incorporation of NTP Software HelpSite™ Incorporation of NTP Software End User Support Interface™ Incorporation of NTP Software QFS Command Line Interface™ Enhanced Automation Extensions Increased Security Full HIPAA Compliance Improved Network Performance NTP Software Admin Reports™ Network Appliance® Functionality

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    NTP 軟體 QFS?已經大大的向前邁進了一步,這一次的進步遠離『無與倫比』產品,可以很好的一起工作--------- 一個充滿整合家庭的產品。 NTP 軟體 QFS

    5.2 版向前地代表這一次的進步,它是 NTP 軟體產品的中心,作為前後一貫的全部,而且提供一個控制的無比發電所。

    ˙Windows@2003 的完全支持

    ˙和 NTP 軟體儲藏 M&A的結合

    ˙和 NTP 軟體儲藏調查員的結合

    ˙NTP 軟體 HelpSite 的結合

    ˙NTP 軟體使用者支持界面的結合

    ˙NTP 軟體 QFS 指令線界面的結合



    ˙完整的 HIPAA 服從


    ˙NTP 軟體管理報告

    ˙網路 Appliance@ 功能性

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