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    From childhood grow in folkway's plain rural village's place, family's common economy's middle-class family, member have move inconvenient grandfather, farm de grandmother, engage in create industry de father, like be the people serve be public-spirited de mother, wait for jobs in de sister and same engage in create industry de younger brother.

    Country small study XX country small, remember that time very love play, rural village's child childish active, often with schoolmate together play catch be entranced with hide's wait for game, let I at playing in study go division of work cooperation, gregarious union. Certainly, lesson too not fall behind people, country small graduate tests Tainan's new camp de XX middle school, win same too is study in this. University link test, try hard lack so that in fail in civil examinations, remediation in a, tests Taichung XX university stat department. Relevance mathematical subject, to I, be my long suit, since recognize mathematics give back good, relaxed can solution, will strengthen study hope future pragmatic.

    From go university in country, all is accomodate out, make I bocome maintain independence and keep the initiative in o character, don't care at any de environment, all can soon adapt to and melt into thereinto. Study qi jian at university, take advantage of holiday work, at KTV and self service restaurant while button, face all sorts of guest, let I cultivate come out good attitude of service and face guest de patiently, study as gift go get along with people de principle, too cumulate job experience, increase society go through practice.


    I was born in folkway's plain rural village, the economic of my family is not bad.

    I have moving inconvenient grandfather, grandmother is a farmer, father is a businessman, my mom likes serving people with no repay and I have a younger sister. She is stayed at home and my younger brother works with my father.

    I studied at XX primary school, I liked playing, the children who live in country are full of bean. Often with schoolmates to play games, I learnt the team work form the games.

    Certainly, my school work is very good, too. I studied at XX secondary college when i was finished my primary school. Than I study at same school but I am high school, now.

    I don't have enough hard work so i fall the test for university. But i success to study at XX university next year. I am good at maths, because i can solve maths problems very easy.

    From junior school to university i lived at school. So i am very independent, now. I work at KVT and do waiter during the holiday, I learn a lot of things when I am working.

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    不曉得你的英文自傳是要做什麼用途的。如果是要給外國人看的 (例如申請學校),會建議你不要用中文自傳去翻做英文自傳。一則是因為國情不同,所希望看到的自傳內容會不太一樣。另一個原因是,直接翻譯的結果,通常都會是一篇非常差的文章,會是一堆句子的組合,而不是一篇有整體性的文章。


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