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請英文達人教教我外國人常說的英文--"服裝店店員"對客人說的英文1.這件衣服很適合你2.這件衣服很好看3.試試看這件衣服4.我會幫您修改長度     (指褲子而言)5.我會幫您修改腰圍6.我會幫您把褲子燙平7.總共2000元!8.很實惠(便宜)!9.我算你便宜了!10.我有幫你打折了!11.不買可惜!12.可以刷卡!13.謝謝光臨,歡迎下次再來!14......(希望能多補充)等等這類的英文,或是教我上面的句子怎麼說!?感謝大家!!20點



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    1.這件衣服很適合你 = The outfit [shirt/sweater/jacket] fits you perfectly.

    2.這件衣服很好看 = This outfit [shirt/sweater/jacket] looks really good.

    3.試試看這件衣服 = Why don't you try on this outfit [shirt/sweater/jacket].

    4.我會幫您修改長度     (指褲子而言) = I will alter the length for you.

    5.我會幫您修改腰圍 = I will alter the waist line for you.

    6.我會幫您把褲子燙平 = I will press the pants for you.

    7.總共2000元! = It would be 2000 dollars all together.

    8.很實惠(便宜)! = It's a bargain.

    9.我算你便宜了! = I have given you the best price already.

    10.我有幫你打折了! = I have already given you a discount.

    11.不買可惜! = You will regret it if you don't get it today.

    12.可以刷卡! = We also accept credit cards.

    13.謝謝光臨,歡迎下次再來! = Thank you for coming, please come again

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    press = iron (clothing, for example)

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    燙可以用" press "嗎?

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    Q1:This dress suits you beautifully.


    Q2:This clothes is very nice


    Q3:you can try the clothes


    Q4:I can help you revised length

    Q5:I can help you revised waistline

    Q6:I can help your pants pressing

    Q7:The tota is twothousand

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