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This variation adapts the spirals for explaining about lies or stealing. Using examples of the negative consequences the child has experienced through telling lies or stealing, draw a spiral going inwards. For example, the text could be Telling a lie can get you all tangled up until you feel like you are spinning out of control. Talk to the child about how they get themselves wound up in a web of deceit and need to disentangle themselves. On the outward spiral (starting from the centre), write an appropriate text about the truth, such as Telling the truth means facing reality and it takes courage and trust in yourself but it leaves you feeling honest and free. Talk about this second spiral in terms of unwinding and becoming untangled

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    利用螺旋形(體)的變化來解釋說謊或偷竊。畫個一直向下轉的螺旋體來當消極的例子給孩子體驗, 什麼是說謊或偷竊的後果(說謊或偷竊的後果是什麼)。例如,用文字解釋時則說,人會被謊言纏到直到好像自已失去了控制(用文字解釋時則說,謊言可以使人感到好像被纏到失去控制了)。告訴孩子說謊就像被謊言網住了,必需要不斷地解釋。用一個向外旋的螺旋(從中心開始)來解釋,加上適當的文字描述什麼是誠實, 例如, 誠實是要面對現實而且需要勇氣信任自己,這樣你才會感到坦率真實與自由。 講到第二個螺旋時則用"解開"和"不再纏結"等詞句來形容。

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    這變異適應這螺旋為explaining 關於說謊或stealing 。_ 使用例子這消極後果這孩子有老練通過telling 說謊或stealing, 畫螺旋going 在內。_ 例如, 這文本可能是telling 說謊能得到你所有纏結直到你感覺像你是spinning 在外面控制。_ 談對這孩子關於怎麼他們得到他們自己創傷在網欺騙和需要對解開他們自己。_ 在這向外螺旋(從開始這中心), 寫適當文本關於這真相, 比如telling 這真相意味飾面現實和它採取勇氣和信任在你自己但它離開你感覺誠實和自由。_ 談論這二螺旋根據unwinding 和becoming 解開


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