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誰可以用clear away 、pass away 造句??

誰可以用clear away 、pass away 、take away、constant dripping wears away the stone  造句??一人只要造一句即可造句要有中文解釋

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    clear away

    1. 收拾

    Please clear away the dishes when you finish eating.


    2. 散開

    The clouds have cleared away.


    pass away

    . 終止,停止

    As soon as the sun comes out, the mist will pass away.


    2. (委婉語)去世

    The old man passed away peacefully.


    Grandpa passed away last night at midnight.


    3. 消磨(時間等)

    Ten days passed away and still there was no news about them.


    take away

    1. 帶走;拿走

    Who took away my pen?


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    clean away 是''洗去'' ''擦去'' 的意思

    造 : Rain cleans the air by washing away dust.

    翻:雨水洗去塵埃 清潔空氣。

    pass away 是''去世'' 的意思

    造 : His mother passed away last year.

    翻 : 他母親去年去世了。

    take away 是 ''帶走'' 的意思

    造 : Her uncle took her away.

    翻 : 她叔叔帶她走了。

    constant dripping wears away the stone "滴水穿石'' 的意思

    造 : Knowledge is gained through accumulations like making holes by dripping water.

    翻 : 學習如滴水穿石

    Source(s): 我是英文天王
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