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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化神話與民間傳說 · 2 decades ago



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    Chang'e goes straight in the moon

    In ancient times according to legend, ten the sun appear in the sky together, the universe of land shone splits, the sea water is exhausted, the people have no means of livelihood. The hero of Yi, can hold ten thousand jin of treasure to bend , shoot various kinds of beast of prey to death after it is named that there is one at this moment, he sympathized with people of the bitterness dried in the sun on day, then penetrated 9 the sun, kept the last sun and benefitted the people.

    From then on, and then the name of Yi has been spread all over the world. Later, it was called Chang'e that he married the virtuous and beautiful wife again.

    One day, back Yi meets an old Taoist priest in the way of going hunting, Yi , give one of him die medicine , and Yi after telling after he appreciate very much, no medicine will die to only take, can be alive for evermore, will become the celestial being and die.

    Unexpectedly, apprentice of back Yi, it is bad for heart to deposit, want Yi no medicine will die after taking secretly. One day, Yi when going out , rush into Chang'e's room after he take advantage of, the medicine does not die to force her and hand over that bag. Chang'e force there is no alternative , die medicine swallow all , body light to like swallows at once, wash the skies directly, dart and leave to moon palace.

    Because Chang'e goes straight in the moon that day, it is August 15 just, back Yi and villagers, will hold a memorial ceremony for the moon in the monthly lower hem fruit , express their miss to Chang'e. Passing on from generation to generation after this, people determined August 15 as the Mid-autumn Festival.

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