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Great Scott的意思?

請問Great Scott的意思?


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    有意外,驚奇或激憤的意思,不過來源跟聖經或神扯不上關係,來源不可考,不過普遍認為指的是Winfield-Scott將軍,美墨戰爭期間的英雄。以下是原文Great Scott!An expression of surprise, amazement or outrage. Origin uncertain, but

    apparently in the US, from the 1860's, possibly referring to General

    Winfield-Scott, a hero of the Mexican-American War. (A hero only on the

    American side, one may note.)

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    Great scott!

    It expresses surprise or shock.


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    Great Scott! 是一個驚嘆語氣, 有些像中文的"天哪!".

    其它類似英文有 "gosh", "golly", "good grief". 基本上都是想使用 "God" 這個字但是不好使用 (因為聖經內說過不可隨便呼叫神的名).

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