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as much as us意思是?

as much as us 請問這句意思是?

as xx as 除了"跟xx一樣"之外, 還能有其他別的意思嗎?


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    *as far as 遠到.... , 盡...就...

    ex:They walked as far as the lake.他們一直走到湖邊

    I'll help you as far as I can.我將近我所能幫助你.

    *as good as 和...幾乎一樣

    ex:It was as good as new. 幾乎跟新的一樣

    *as like as tow peas 一模一樣;酷似

    *as long as 只要

    *as many as 和...一樣多

    *as near as 達到...的準確程度

    *as often as 每當

    *as well as 不但...而且

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