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請幫我翻譯RelayFax Feature謝謝~勿用翻譯軟體

Powerful and Versatile Fax Engine RelayFax is equipped with a fax engine that supports many fax modems and Error Correcting Mode (ECM). Its redesigned Modem Configuration interface provides options for controlling COM port baud rate, flow control, fax baud rate, speaker activation and volume, and more.6.0Supports ISDN Devices RelayFax supports CAPI 2.0 (ISDN) devices. It has been tested with both single and dual channel ISDN cards.6.0DID Routing support With support for DID routing, you can associate DID fax numbers with specific users, and configure RelayFax to automatically route faxes to them based on the DID information received. Additionally, an inbound routing rule allows you to define actions based on DID information received. Finally, you can also configure RelayFax to accept calls only when they are directed to valid DID numbers—incoming calls to any other numbers will be ignored. These features require DID capable hardware.6.0Terminal Services Support RelayFax can run in a Terminal Services environment. The administration interface, SMTP client, and printer drivers all support operating under Terminal Services.

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    強大及多功能的傳真引擎(fax engine)

    RelayFax配有傳真引擎以支援大多數的傳真數據機以及錯誤修正模式(ECM)。重新設計過的數據機安裝介面提供COM埠鮑率(baud rate)控制、流量控制、傳真鮑率(fax baud rate)、嗽叭活動及音量等選項。


    RelayFax支援CAPI 2.0 (ISDN)設備,無論是單通道或雙通道的ISDN卡皆已通過測試。


    透過DID派送的功能,你可以將DID傳真號碼與特定使用者結合,並且設定RelayFax根據所接收到的DID訊息,將傳真內容自動地派送給使用者。此外,打入電話派送規則(inbound routing rule)允許你根據收到的DID訊息來定義活動。最後,你也可以設定RelayFax只接收那些打到有效DID號碼的電話-打到其他號碼的電話都將被忽略。這些功能皆需要能支援DID功能的設備。




    1. 我找了資料, baud rate是鮑率, 不過我想業界在用這個詞的時候應該是不會翻成中文的。

    2. routing在網路裡是指路由, 功能是指定封包路徑,所以在這裡我翻成"派送",我想應該翻成"指派"或其他類似的詞也可以吧。

    3. DID不知道全名是什麼, 所以就沒有翻了。

    Source(s): 自己翻的啦, 有問題大家一起討論討論囉^^
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    DID direct inward dial直撥分發

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