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最近愛上了聽英文歌,有人說我長大了。是真的嗎?(以前都聽華語歌比較多)請大家推薦幾首英文歌給我吧^^1.不要太吵的..2.節奏快一點的..例如:Me Against the Music 布蘭妮

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    新好男孩Backstreet's Back 1.Everbody (backstreet Back) 2.As Long As You Love ME 3.All Have TO Give 4.Missing YOU 5.That's The Way I Like It 6.10,000Promises 7.Like A Child 8.Hey, Mr. Dj (Keep Playin' This Song) 9.Set Adrift On Memory Bliss 10.That's What She Sairl 11.If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy) 12.All I Have To Give (Part ll - The Conversation Mix) 13.If I Don't Have you觀看歌詞Millennium(千禧情) 1.Larger Than Life 2.I Want It That Way 3.Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely 4.It's Gotta Be You 5.I Need You Tonight 6.Don't Want You Back 7.Don't Wanna Lose You Now 8.The One 9.Back To Your Meart 10.Spanish Eyes 11.No One Else Gomes Close 12.The Perfect Fan 13.I'll Be There For You 14.I Want It That Way觀看歌詞Black & Blue(藍與黑) 1.The Call 2.Shape of My Heart 3.Get Another Boyfriend 4.Shining Star 5.I Promise You 6.The Answer To Our Life 7.Everyone 8.More Than That 9.Time 10.Not For Me 11.Yes I Will 12.It's True 13.What Makes You Different 14.How Did I Fall In Love With You 15.All I Have To Give 16.Endlessly觀看歌詞最優精選 1.I Want It That Way 2.Everybody 3.As Long As You Love Me 4.Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely 5.Quit Playing Games 6.We've Got It Going On 7.All I Have To Give 8.Larger Than Life 9.I'll Never Break Your Heart 10.The Call 11.Shape Of My Heart 12.Get Down (You're The One For Me) 13.Anywhere For You 14.The One 15.More Than That 16.Drowning觀看歌詞Never Gone(網路下載) 1.Climbing the Walls 2.Poster Girl 3.Beautiful Woman 4.Forces of Nature 5.Incomplete 6.The Unloved 7.Never Gone 8.Love Is 9.Over Her 10.Color My World 11.Memories觀看歌詞Never Gone 1.Incomplete 2.Just Want You To Know 3.Crawling Back To You 4.Weird World 5.I Still 6.Poster Girl 7.Lose It All 8.Climbing The Walls 9.My Beautiful Woman 10.Safest Place To Hide 11.Siberia 12.Never Gone觀看歌詞98 degrees98 & Rising 1.INTRO 2.HEAT IT UP 3.IF SHE ONLY KNEW 4.I DO (CHERISH YOU) 5.STILL 6.BECAUSE OF YOU 7.GIVE IT UP (interlude) 8.DO YOU WANNA DANCE 9.TRUE TO YOUR HEART 10.TO ME YOU'RE EVERYTHING 11.THE HARDEST THING 12.SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE 13.Invisible ManBLUEAll rise 1.All Rise 2.Too Close 3.This Temptation 4.If You Come Back 5.Fly By 6.Bounce 7.Long Time 8.Make It Happen 9.Back To You 10.Girl I'll Never Understand 11.Back Some Day 12.Best In MeOne Love 1.One Love 2.Riders 3.Supersexual 4.Don't Treat Me Like A Fool 5.She Told Me 6.Right Here Waiting 7.U Make Me Wanna 8.Ain't Got You 9.Flexin' 10.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 11.Get Down 12.Privacy 13.Without You 14.Invitation 15.Like A FriendGuilty(罪愛) 1.Stand Up 2.Signed sealed delivered im yours 3.Taste it 4.Guilty 5.Bubblin 6.Rock the night 7.When summers gone 8.Alive 9.I wanna know 10.Back it up 11.Breathe easy 12.Walk away 13.Where you want me 14.How a mans supposed to change 15.No goodbyesGift 1.Gift 2.4 Play 3.Whatever Happens 4.Elements 5.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest word(Solo Version) 6.Breathe Easy(Alternative) 7.Breathe Easy 8.Bibbling 9.If You Come Back 10.GuiltyBest of Blue(新歌加精選) 1.All Rise 2.Too Close 3.If You Come Back 4.Fly By II 5.One Love 6.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word 7.U Make Me Wanna 8.Guilty 9.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours 10.Breathe Easy 11.Bubblin' 12.Curtain Falls 13.Get Down on It 14.Love at First Sight 15.Best in Me 2004 16.One Love Sequal/One Love 17.Gift 18.If it Takes All Night 19.After The Show 20.Only Words I Know 21.Long Time(Smooth Mix)4ever BLUE!(成軍4週年) 1.Get Down On It 2.Only Words I Know 3.Quand le rideau tombe 4.A Chi Mi Dice 5.Made For Loving You 6.Bubblin' 7.U Make Me Wanna 8.It's Alright 9.Move On 10.The Gift 11.Love R.I.P 12.Sweet Thing 13.One Love 14.All Rise 15.Don't Treat Me Like A Fool 16.When Summer's Gone 17.Love At First Sight 18.4EVER BALLAD 2005超級男孩威震八方 1.Pop 2.Celebrity 3.The Game Is Over 4.Girlfriend 5.The Two Of Us 6.Gone 7.Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby 8.Up Against The Wall 9.See Right Through You 10.Selfish 11.Just Don't Tell Me What 12.Something Like You 13.That Girl Will Never Be Mine 14.Falling 15.Do Your Thing觀看歌詞No Strings Attached(振翅高飛) 1.Bye Bye Bye 2.It's Gonna Be Me 3.Space Cowboy ft. Left Eye 4.Just Got Paid 5.It Makes Me Ill 6.This I Promise You 7.No String Attached 8.Digital Get Down 9.Bringin Da Noise 10.That's When I'll Stop Loving You 11.I'll Be Good For You 12.I Thought She New 13.I'll Never Stop 14.If Only In Heaven's Eyes觀看歌詞N Sync 1.Crazy for You 2.Everything I Own 3.For The Girl Who Has Everything 4.Giddy Up 5.God Must of Spent Alittle More Time On You 6. A little more time, On yooouuu )) 7.Here We Go 8.I Drive Myself Crazy 9.I Need Love 10. Wanna Be With You 11.I Want You Back 12.Sailing 13.Tearin' Up My Heart 14.You Got It觀看歌詞AK(原子少女貓)The Greatest Hits(水漾年華-新歌+精選) 1.Whole Again 2.Ladies Night 3.The Tide Is High 4.It's OK 5.Be With You 6.If You Come To Me 7.Eternal Flame 8.Love Doesn't Have To Hurt 9.Last Goodbye 10.Right Now 11.See Ya 12.I Want Your Love 13.You Are 14.Cradle 15.Someone Like Me觀看歌詞布蘭妮妮裳神話 1.My Prerogative 2.Toxic 3.I'm A Slave 4 U 4.Oops!... I Did It Again 5.Me Against The Music 6.Stronger 7.Everytime 8.Baby One More Time 9.(You Drive Me)Crazy(The Stop Remix) 10.Boys(The CD-ED Remix) 11.Sometimes 12.OverProtected 13.Lucky 14.Outrageous 15.Born to Make You Happy 16.I Love Rock' N' Roll 17.I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 18.I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) 19.Do Somethin'觀看歌詞Christina Aguilara(克莉絲汀)Christina Aguilara同名專輯 1.Genie in a Bottle 2.What a Girl Wants 3.I Turn to You 4.So Emotional 5.All I want is You (Come on Over) 6.Reflection 7.Love for all seasons 8.Somebody's Somebody 9.When You Put Your Hands on Me 10.Blessed 11.Love Will Find A Way 12.Obvious觀看歌詞Stripped 1.Stripped Intro 2.Can't Hold Us Down(feat Lil' Kim) 3.Walk Away 4.Fighter 5.Infatutation (Primer Amor Interlude) 6.Infatuation 7.Loves Embrace Interlude 8.Loving Me For Me 9.Impossible(feat Alicia Keys) 10.Underappriciated 11.Beautiful 12.Make Over 13.Cruz 14.Soar 15.Get Mine, Get Yours 16.Dirrty 17.Stripped Pt. 2 18.A Voice Within 19.I'm Ok 20.Keep On Singing My Song 21.I Will Be觀看歌詞

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    Rise And Fall

    克雷格大衛 跟史汀合唱的!

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    Yesterday Once More

    Beauty and the Beast(美女與野獸主題曲)

    Color of the Wind(風中奇緣主題曲)


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