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請各位大大幫我翻譯下列句子:Amelia和Pinkerton一樣, 都受禮數教條的規範,她們的氣質的善良並不是發自內心, 令人作噁,相對的, Becky表現出的是人性最自然的一面,雖然她的話語中偶爾夾帶謊言,其實敢愛敢恨的Becky絲毫不虛偽。拜託大家幫幫忙, 謝謝!

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    Both Amelia and Pinkerton are well educated with proper manners.  People are often sick of their charades.  On the contrary, Becky always shows forth the most natural side of human beings.  Although there are lies mingled in her conversations, her daring love and hatred emotions are without disguise.

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    The Amelia is similar to the Pinkerton, all receiving gift the standard of the few dogma,

    The docile of their qualities is to deliver from the heart, disgusting,

    Opposite, what Becky express is one side of the most natural human nature,

    Although occasionally clip to bring the lies in her words, dares the Becky that the love dares to hate in fact the slightest not the false.

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