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1 說到夏季活動,沒有比游泳更清涼的事了

2 他不僅可以讓我涼快一下,還能讓我保持好身材

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    1. Speaking of summer activities, there's nothing more refreshing than swimming.

    2. Not only is it refreshing, but it also keeps me in shape!

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    第二個的開頭 應該是 not only it is refershing....不過第二個翻的比較好

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    挖˙˙ CELESTE翻的好˙˙ 害我都不用翻了˙˙ ><

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    1.The activity that 1 is talked about summer, the thing not cooler than to swim

    2. he not only can let me cool off a bit but also makes me keep the good stature

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